Why Celebrities Need a Legal Service Provider Available 24/7

Having access to day and night legal services is important for many celebrities: big names in show biz have to manage their own affairs as well as, often, the company running in their name, which can make tax filing a complicated affair, not to mention issues arising around copyright and the protection of privacy. We explore in more detail below.

Allegations Arising

Those in the public eye may be more vulnerable to false allegations from one or more individuals looking to make a fast buck. Where this is the case, a legal service provider can step in, provide support, steer the celebrity through the process and also ensure that the allegation is handled discreetly – vital for stars not wishing to have their names splashed all over the next morning’s tabloids.


Such a service will usually also work to prevent press leaks and keep the press at bay in general if possible.

Business Matters and Tax Filing

Running a multi-million dollar company is no easy thing when it comes to filing requirements: celebrities will usually require specialist support on hand to deal with their business affairs and any issues that arise as a result of them. This can include dealing with taxes, filing annual reports, and making sure that any relevant licenses are in place.


It’s not just celebrities that may require assistance with their business matters: if you own a small business, it’s possible that using a legal service provider could help things run smoother. Have a look over here for an example of a provider specifically geared to start-ups and small enterprises and what they can offer; their services include assisting in the opening of an LLC or a private limited company, trademark name searches, and business license research.

Trademark and Copyright Infringements

If you’re a celebrity, you are the brand, and so protecting this brand is vital and is one of the key reasons that celebs need access to a legal service provider 24/7: if an individual is threatening the perception of your brand by illegally using, for example, a song that you have written, this needs to be shut down swiftly, which is what your provider can do for you. A legal team will be able to offer expert advice on intellectual property and what constitutes an infringement of it.


Should a court case be necessary, a legal services team will help the celeb with that, too. An example of a notable case is that of Vanilla Ice being sued for copyright infringement in relation to his song, ‘Ice, Ice, Baby,’ written in 1986,  which the legal teams of Queen and David Bowie claimed was remarkably similar to their 1981 classic track, ‘Under Pressure.’ The case was settled out of court in the end, with Vanilla Ice giving both Queen and Bowie writing credits on his song.

Protection Of Privacy

In an age of phone cameras and drones, it’s getting harder than ever for stars to protect their privacy and avoid surveillance. This is another instance where having a legal service provider on hand can help; the team can step in to threaten legal action and begin proceedings where necessary. Having professional advice in this regard is important as, in this time of social media and self-promotion, there is a danger that celebs may lose some of their legal protection if they are seen to be using the media to maintain their fame. In other words: you may not be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

On Hand For Advice

This is something we’d all like, I think: a team of legal professionals to call up at any time of the day or night to provide advice on all manner of subjects; a legal service can give information on, for example, your employee rights in relation to the job you’re working on, what can be legitimately claimed as expenses, and whether Binky, you chihuahua, can legally have her own checking account.

To Act As Injury Lawyers

Many ordinary folks choose to make use of the services of injury lawyers, and celebrities are no different. In fact, celebs may well find themselves more of a target in incidents involving, for example, ‘rear ending’ where an individual deliberately drives their car into the vehicle in front of them to make a claim. Staged accidents are on the rise, and a legal service team will know exactly what to look out for, as well as be able to provide advice to their clients on how to avoid being the victim of one.

Dealing With an Estate

And, finally, just as it is with the rest of us, ensuring an estate is in order and that there is a legal will in place to bestow assets as instructed is important for a celeb. Where there will be a substantial fortune left, this could be complex, and a legal services provider will be able to advise on and action all of the required elements, as well as deal with false claims and any difficulties arising.

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