Top 7 Futuristic Guns In The World

The first thing probably comes to your mind when you think about futuristic guns is the ones you saw in sci-fi movies or video games. Pretty cool, right? You may be surprised to know that some of those guns you saw in the movies or played in video games actually exist. But those firearms are only accessible for military personals only, not for civilians. We will go through some of those futuristic firearms in the article in detail. If you want accurate aim, you need to get accurate load data.

  • AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

AA12 Atchison Assault Shotgun was actually developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchison. This is a futuristic assault shotgun that can fire more than 300 rounds per minute. It also comes with a reduced recoiling feature when you compare the gun with other shotguns. It only fires in automatic mode. It became widely popular worldwide thus several countries’ armed forces use this shotgun rifle. 

  • Zip Pistol

This weapon is one of a kind. The gun uses plastic to leave off some space for customization by attaching extended stocks and large ammunition clips. USFA, as for the United States Fire Arms developed the weapon. It really stands out from its kind due to the body shape of the gun. “The future is now” that’s what they (USFA) had to say after developing the gun. Built with a polymer body, aluminum parts, and a steel barrel of 5.2” made it look like a killer futuristic handgun.

  • XM25 CDTE

This fine grenade launcher is developed by Alliant Techsystems and famous firearms company Heckler & Koch. It is a laser-guided weapon that fires 25mm grenades that explode mid-air or near enemy range. CDTE stands for Counter Defilade Target Engagement, which means the grenade can be tracked and can be detonated only at the right moment. The range of the weapon is roughly 700 meters.  Though many critics have negative thoughts on this weapon nonetheless it has served the purpose well in war zones like Afghanistan in 2010. 

  • FN Five-Seven Pistol

Designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium, this gun is famed for its power to penetrate thick body armors. The semi-automatic weapon shares many design features as the P90. FN Five-Seven is lightweight polymer-based and has a low recoiling scale with a large magazine capacity. This gun is so powerful that US civilians can only purchase it with sporting ammunition. FN Five-Seven is used in more than 20 countries and has been in action including Afghanistan and Lybian Civil War. 

  • Cornershot

The gun Cornershot was designed and developed by Lt. Col. Amod Golan from Israeli Defense forces with the help of American investors. The weapon was specially designed for SWAT teams and special forces to handle hostage or extreme warfare situations. The main feature of this futuristic weapon is the ability to shoot around corners. It is 820 millimeters (32.67 in) long, with a weight of around 3.86 kilograms. It also features a beretta pistol and a grenade launcher making it one of the most versatile futuristic weapons ever created.  

  • Kriss Vector

Kriss vector is a deadly submachine gun developed to reduce the scale barrel up and recoiling. Originally designed by American firearms company Kriss, the weapon is a hybrid of many weapons with slightly different features. A new addition was made in 2011 which allowed the user to utilize telescopic stock that collapses into the upper receiver rather than the folding stock. The effective range of the weapon is 55 tards (50 meters) and 70 yards (64 meters) with a 16” barrel and also it fires 1200 rounds per minute which is very impressive. It is a deadly weapon indeed as cool as it looks. 

  • TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8

This reliable futuristic bolt-action rifle is one of its kind due to its major feature of precision-guided weapon system technology that measures the range of the target and fires accordingly. The body of the rifle is wrapped up with stainless steel stiller action and a 22’’ Shilen barrel. It also features an optic that tracks targets which are already mentioned above, an onboard weather station, an integrated laser ranger to update ballistics data automatically and a 1400 yard lock range. It is an all-in-one tool of destruction. The gun is designed and developed by the American company TrackingPoint.

The future is here. The modern world is advancing at a dominating speed. That is exactly why we have to figure out how we should use these deadly weapons. Not to destroy, to protect what is precious to us. If you’re interested in building your own firearm from the comfort of your home, visit


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