How to Renovate a Home Within your Budget?

After spending a few years in one home, you may feel an urge to refresh its décor and design a bit to add new life into its structure. It seems to be emerging trends, as a few credible home spending studies show that average homeowners pursued at least 2.77 renovation projects in 2020. The previous year, it amounted to 2.2 projects. The overall cost of these projects stood at USD $8,305, which, if divided, would come down to less than USD $3,000 per job. No matter what you plan to do with your home, you don’t need to splurge on sprucing it up.

Of course, the choices belong to you whether you want to fully upgrade your kitchen and bathroom or do some cosmetic upgrades here and there. For example, think of replacing an old kitchen sink with the finest stainless steel basins. These tiny improvements can be affordable, budget-friendly, and more practical.  A home is nothing less than a sanctuary. You spend a considerable amount of your time in this place the way you like it. Hence, it pays to think about its health and well-being from time to time.

Here are some easy makeover ideas for USD $5,000 and less to help you renew it without hurting your savings much.


A comfortable home will always have a well-balanced temperature to be soothing and warm. If it becomes too cold or too hot even after using the proper thermostat, you should check its insulation. It can be a USD $2,400 project. It can seem like an expense, but you can recover at least 83% of this amount from reselling your house. Or, your low energy bills can compensate for this over time. Hence, it can be an intelligent investment.


Let’s assume you want to brighten up interiors without putting in much effort. One of the easiest solutions is painting. Change the wall colors. It will not be time-consuming. At the same time, these projects usually cost USD $3.50 per sq ft. Or, you can expect one room to cost around USD $200 to 1,000. You can choose any shade for the walls based on your theme. However, if you want to get rid of it soon, select a safe color scheme.

 Hardwood flooring polish

This type of flooring tends to be hardwearing and may get its original charm back with a little bit of refresh. The best way to achieve this can be through refinishing. It will eliminate scratches and buffs, reviving its shine. Your home can instantly become new and attractive. In this project, you may have to spend about USD $2,600. However, if your old flooring has given up entirely, it will be better to consider a new option. New wood flooring can be nothing less than a statement maker, which you can achieve within USD $4,700.


Everyone notices your entry. People form their first opinion about your house after seeing this. That’s why you have to care for it. An old or out-of-style door can leave anyone with bad taste. It may not be safe also. If you install a steel door on the entry point, it can cost about USD $2100.  For style, you can choose a bit expensive fiberglass material. Its price can be anywhere around USD $2,700.

Garage door

It tends to be one of the massive highlights of your home exteriors. Broken or old doors can impact the aesthetics and function. Hence, replacing it can be a good idea. On average, this project costs nearly USD $4000.


Rugs can make your home look chic and elegant. The colors, design, and texture can have a significant role in the décor. If you wish to upgrade your interiors hassle-free, bring a new carpet. It can be available in the range of USD $789 to 2,792. The average price for the rug can be USD $1760. You can opt for this simple but effective upgrade at any time. It can be one of the quickest decisions also.


Unattractive and dim windows can ruin your house’s beauty. It is not suitable for the curb appeal too. With this, old windows can affect the flow of light and air. If you want to change them, a budget of around USD $5,213 can be adequate. Some people hire professional services for cleaning to rejuvenate the appearance. It can be another way to upgrade your home for even a cheaper rate, such as USD $209 to 300.


Having a patio can be a unique advantage. You can host a barbecue or wine-tasting get-togethers in this space. Or, you and your group of friends can relax here on a lazy day. No matter what, you can rely on this outdoor area to be your go-to place for enjoyment. But it is not a cheap investment. Installation can cost from USD $1,772 to 4,821.


It can be worth investing some amount in its repair. Keeping it in good shape is necessary for your car’s health too. Also, a cracked or unsightly driveway can hamper the exteriors. If you don’t want it to deteriorate, get it refurbished for USD $1,500 to 4,500 based on your affordability. You will never regret this decision.


You can consider it to be both a cosmetic and practical home improvement project. A well-maintained roof saves your house from the elements while adding to its stylish appearance. If it has turned old and cracked beyond repair, you must replace it. A new roofing job would cost at least USD $5000 on average.

These are just examples of things you can change in your house to help it restore its energy and vitality. You don’t need to chase all of them at once. It will not feel overwhelming also. Instead, you can investigate your home thoroughly to figure out what needs urgent attention and to which extent. Some areas may suddenly improve even with minor changes, and others can ask for total transformation. If you do your calculations right, you can tackle them efficiently one by one as the time comes.

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