DewVPN: Your Key to Safe and Secure Web Browsing

Your Key to Safe and Secure Web Browsing

DewVPN is a powerful and user-friendly free VPN that helps you to stay safe and secure when browsing the web. By using DewVPN, you can make your computer invisible to websites and data collectors, keep your online activities private and protect yourself from malware and other attacks like hackers. With DewVPN, you can browse the … Read more

How to Increase App Ad Revenue on Social Media

App advertising has grown to more than $170 billion in the last few years. Yet even as advertisers and developers hike up the app advertising rate, the competition for users has become intense. In the meantime, platforms such as Facebook have narrowed the field for targeted ads. So how can you increase app ad revenue … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Technology Trends in 2022

Why 70% of Businesses Flop within the First 10 Years of Establishment

In recent years the world has undergone a tremendous technological revolution. New cutting-edge technology more advanced than anything seen before has become the norm. In 2022 here are the new tech trends that have come up and are shaping the future. Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that exist digitally and can be used to undertake … Read more

Things to Know About 40 Gigabit Ethernet

40G Standard Terms HSSG has developed the 40G standard to support high-performance computing clusters, blade servers, storage area networks, and network storage. The 40G server has been commercialized. Optical transceivers for 40G networks will be QSFP optical modules with 12-core MPO. Using MPO technology to use “4 transmit and 4 receive” in 12-core fiber to … Read more

The Basics of Minecraft

The Basics of Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world today, but with so many people playing it, it can be hard to find a server with enough players to keep things interesting. The Basic of Minecraft is a server that provides you with a fun and friendly environment to play Minecraft online with … Read more