Where to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

The Moissanite (silicon carbide) got its name from French scientist Henri Moissan. He was the first one to identify silicon carbide in its mineral state correctly.

This material shines brighter than a regular diamond or any other gemstone. It is not incorrect to say that Moissanite is superior to other stones in many ways. There is a saying that goes like this: “Moissanite is a gemstone born from stars”.

It doesn’t matter what type of Moissanite ring you are planning to buy, whether it is emerald cut moissanite ring or Marquise Halo Moissanite Ring, the place and quality have to be of a specific benchmark.

This gemstone is now replacing diamonds in the engagement rings market, and there are good reasons for that. Their exceptional beauty, wearability, and affordability are a few reasons people prefer this gemstone.

Within a few years, this gemstone is going to be much more popular than the diamond. Now, how to choose a place where you can buy Moissanite jewelry without any hesitation or doubts?

You can find many retailers that offer these gemstones nowadays, but where should you spend your money? And how will you know they are selling you the best quality gemstones in the market?

Look for specialists

There are various Moissanite specialist shops that focus on jewelry made from Moissanite only. They will have the upper hand in making the best engagement rings.

Sellers’ reputation

The people who deal with gemstones will be famous for their craft and service. If you plan to buy one from them, better check their history and service quality with friends or neighbors. You can rely on them for better options as well.

Experience of the retailer

This industry runs on trust, and the marketing of the product is done on many levels. It is important to check the experience of the retailer and make sure they offer what they advertise.

Source of the gemstone

Currently, Moissanite is found in Arizona (US), Israel, and China. There are many other places where this gemstone is found. The place where you live will affect the price of the gemstone. And if you are buying a rare type of Moissanite, which is imported from another country, it will probably cost more than the regular ones.

It is not that tough to tell a diamond and an excellent quality Moissanite apart. Before choosing a retailer to buy jewelry such as an Emerald-cut Moissanite ring, you must ensure the gemstones have these qualities.

Cut: The cut quality is important for every type of gemstone. Moissanite’s high dispersion level is what makes it the best stone in the market. It allows more dispersion than the diamond does and makes sure the cuts are neat and minimal.

Clarity and luster: All stones have some kind of inclusions. Moissanite has tiny, clear pipe-like inclusions. The bigger the number of inclusions, the lesser the value of the stone.

Carat: Moissanite always yields the highest fire with the best clarity, cut, and color. It is available in the market at a fraction of the price of a diamond. Hence, a large size Moissanite can be chosen for an affordable price.

Moissanite is the best-looking gemstone you can buy for your spouse. It offers all the benefits of a diamond engagement ring and lasts for a lifetime. With their low price, wearability, and better aesthetics, these gemstones have many advantages over other stones.

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