North American sport has been the most predominant treat of youth among many other sports in the United States. In fact, American football according to stats has been the most watch sport games ahead of basketball, hockey and baseball and other sports in the country.

Moreover, the descent surge of the youth and most especially the younger generation toward the soccer in the land has shown a promising future for the beautiful soccer game and the intend of the United States to co-host the most prestigious World Cup with his neighboring country will propel the heart of many towards the game.

The soccer in development has been so rapid since I last hosted the most prestigious football competition on earth in 1994. The turnout of the 1994 World Cup is one of the highest spectators in the history of the tournament which is a reference to the affinity of the country towards soccer as a whole.

But with the rising in the interest of the newer generation and the affinity of youth to a soccer game is contrasting the black soccer past in the nation before it World Cup host in 1994 – but the advent of superstars in the Major League Soccer and transposing their local relationship with the bigger footballing European club has further established interest and popularity of the sport

However, it will be bleak to look behind the recent disappointment of the United States Men National team failing to qualify for the World Cup in 2018 after the rise of the US Men team advancement, both locally and internationally in recent times.

Moreover, in recent times, the USMNT is gradually getting the accolades and recognition it deserves after winning the gold cup, while his players are getting their time among the best football club in the world.

Though the likes of Christian Pulisic is getting hooked with a series of injuries which has seen his time on the field diminished after aiding his London club to their second UEFA Champions League triumph against their England counterpart, while Zack Steffen, could only watch from the bench despite going against the odds in reference to legal betting in United States.

In fact, Sergino Dest is gradually becoming an integral part of the mighty Barcelona team, while other United States Men National Team are getting more minute among the big boys of the world football. However, this is could be attenuated to development of the MLS and the US soccer federation pact to establish soccer dominance ahead of other North American sport

Though, the future of soccer in America might be shaky or blurry due to the influence of the North American sport – but prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, MLS was concurrently and constantly breaking it attendance records while hold the sixth record of the most watched league on stadium attendant compare to Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1.

More so, the United States Major League Soccer might not have been on par with the above mentioned league, and the national soccer program of these countries can’t be compared with theUnited States. But the recent advancement of the Major League through their expansion is gradually setting a tone of fact that the future of America soccer is elevating

While there have been some of blend of international soccer star coming to the Major League rank while it blew out of proportion since the income of the Inter Miami owner, David Beckham in 2007 with so many soccer legend coming to share their time in Major League has further increase the international soccer community interest in the league while the local interest has further increased.

While the United States of America Women National team has been the best among the rest, the surge that came since the mid of 2005, the team has been dominating the global women football with plethora of silverware to show for there competence and efficiency in play.

Whit Megan Rapinoe leading the charge of women superstar, with multitude of global fan – while cultivation attention to the soccer as a sport locally, most especially the young ones. In fact, with the rapid increasing of the Latinos and black Americans among the American population, there is further assurance of the soccer popularity before 2030.

Moreover, it is believed that the Americans prefer their ingrain sports like Basketball, Baseball, and football which is deeply rooted in American culture as many would prefer to have a family bond with Baseball World Series in fall and American football on Thanksgiving.

In fact, Basketball is an absolute unification factor as many would would entertain themselves with college basketball games while embedded as a family support to cheer there own to greatness irrespective of their locality and standard.

However, soccer is growing with many youth fancy there chance in the game ahead of competitive basketball, baseball and football in the country and with the increase to of the Black Americans and Latinos, United States is beginning to imbibe the soccer culture of these two ethnicity

Moreover, the inability of soccer to command the cultural attitude and loyalty that t other North American sport generally holds in the heart of many American is a quest to obtain and big of a shoe to fill, if the sport would grow as initially anticipated.

More so, the coming of World Cup to United States, Mexico and Canada in 2026 is much of a factor that could further potentiates the solidarity and popularity of soccer in United States in the coming years. But the passion might fizzle out right after the World Cup in 2026.

While the lack of league football might have down-streamed soccer after 1994, the popularity and the current trend of soccer in United States serves as a cushion to uphold the passion after 2026.

United States might not predominantly stage itself a soccer nation but recent rise in popularity and passion towards the game is a testament to the fact that soccer will eventually rise in popularity ahead of other North American sports and the MLS investment is playing huge part in their future dominance.

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