FXGM ZA Account Types- How to Create an Account?

Do you want to create an account on FXGM but are reluctant to select one due to the wide range of options. If yes, then this article can prove the ultimate solution for you.

FXGM ZA is a brokerage firm based in trading south africa that provides top-notch trading facilities to its users. Let’s delve into the article to explore more about account types and the method of opening an account.

FXGM ZA Account Types

FXGM allows you to open various accounts such as premium, junior, executive, VIP, and royal.

Junior Account

Let’s start with a junior account. If you want to open this account, you must deposit a minimum amount of $200 to $9,999. Furthermore, after joining this account, the features that you will get are ebook, personal customers, autochartist, free training, and customer service agent.

Premium Account

Another account type that FXGM offers is a premium account. If you plan to open a premium account, you must have a minimum deposit or investment of $10,000-$29,999. By becoming a premium account holder, you will get all the facilities given to junior account holders. But in addition to that, you will also have access to Trading Central.

VIP Account

The account type that we are going to discuss is the VIP account. This type of FXGM is slightly better than junior and premium. The minimum deposit needed for this account is between $30,000 to $49,999. Along with all the features of the account mentioned above, the users of VIP get an additional feature of spread accounts on indices, commodities, and FX majors.

Executive Account

The executive account is another type of account provided by FXGM. The minimum deposit required for this account is $50,000-$99,999. By creating this account, you can benefit from all the features the same as other account types. However, being a more advanced account type, you will get more spreads on the tradable products.

Royal Account

The last account type is Royal. If you want to become a user of this account, you need a minimum investment of more than $100,000. It is essential to mention here that they have the same facilities as all other accounts when it comes to features. But the thing that makes it prestigious is extra tighter spreads.

Most beginners want to know whether they have a demo account on the FXGM platform or not. So, you will be happy to learn that you can create a demo account, but sadly unlike various other companies, it is not free, but you have to pay for it.

However, they do not give free demo account privilege, but they have a lot of impeccable benefits, such as the dedicated personal account manager. Furthermore, they keep you updated by providing the latest forex market news and also provide a lot of information about trading platform features.

How to Open An Account?

After reading about all the account types and their fantastic features, you must be thinking about the procedure of opening an account on FXGM ZA. You will be glad to know that it is super easy to open an account online. It will just take a few minutes. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

  • Firstly, you have to register your password and email.
  • The next step is to provide them with your personal information.
  • Then you have to upload a copy of your ID and utility bill for identification purposes.

Final Words

To sum up, I would like to say that FGXM ZA offers an extensive range of account types. Depending upon your preferences, you can select one. Read more about fxcm minimum deposit.

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