Give Your Loved One a Royal Sendoff with a Purple Casket

Casket makers and manufacturers now allow for a lot of customizations to an order for a casket. Unlike the coffin, a casket is made to be more visually appealing. A casket serves more than the purpose of protecting your loved one in his / her moment of rest. It is a way of honoring them. A highly crafted casket is a sign of high respect for the deceased one, an honorable send-off. With the advent of the Internet, getting a customized casket has never been easier. Want to give your loved one a royal sendoff, try a purple casket.

Why choose purple?

The color purple has a very significant meaning. Purple represents royalty, wisdom, and spirituality. Color psychology indicates that purple is a highly regarded color. Purple is also a rare shade to find in nature, which perhaps causes it to seem unknown divine and supernatural. Purple makes any object stand out appear exotic or artificial. This makes purple a polarizing color. Purple in itself is a vibrant color that will make a statement. A purple casket will set a tone of a royal sendoff for your loved one.

How to Honor with a purple casket

Many casket sellers already have purple caskets in stock that are available to buy online, as it is a very good color option. If you want, however, to customize your casket, here is how to do it. Many people are aware that wood and metal caskets are the most common materials, but not many people know which are the top color choices.

The top choices are brown, white, black silver, and purple. Consider the shade of purple in use. A dark shade of purple will go well for a person who lived a luxurious life and opulence. A light lavender shade of purple is feminine, ladylike, and lonely. A metal casket is best used when a dark color is a layer on top of its durable metallic surface. Oak or natural wood caskets will absorb the paint, possibly leaving markings or natural shades of wood exposed.

Are there any other customizations?

The casket cannot be complete without a royal-level interior design. A velvet interior that will comfortably fit the deceased will be fitted. A marching pillow or headrest needs to be also present. Many casket makers offer the option to customize the standard casket corner with a design that represents and links to a person’s affiliations or hobbies. This is a chance to fulfill any wishes your loved one had before passing. Many royal caskets have Keepsake drawers. These are cabinets for placing personal effects like books or journals, awards or medals of honor. Flowers, especially purple carnations and roses, are also advised. They accompany a purple-colored casket perfectly. These customizations ensure you honor your loved one with a purple casket.


Many types of caskets with a wide variety of colors are available to choose from during funeral proceedings. But none of them can match the vibrancy and sense of dignity that purple strikes in our hearts. It is strong and yet subtle in its effects. A purple casket is a true royal sendoff.

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