4 Holidays and Emojis You Must Never Miss Out On!

Wouldn’t you agree that we all look forward to the holidays because of the new memories we are about to create? Most times, any holiday near and dear to your heart takes you back to the good ol’ days because of memories worth cherishing. Even though kids eventually forget their Christmas toys, Valentine flowers wilt, and Halloween treats run out–a heartfelt message can last a much longer time; If not, it could even last a lifetime.

Thankfully, emojis nowadays can help you light up any greeting message! To add spark to the holidays, you can use an emoji tree on Christmas to give your warmest yuletide greetings. Or tap on a few extra firework emojis to show excitement for the New Year. Regardless of the holiday, here are emojis you should use during these world-famous celebrations!

1. The Christmas Tree Emoji for All Your Yuletide Greetings

Even though Christmas is a dominantly Christian celebration, many non-Christian countries are becoming more and more accepting of this holiday. They can sometimes even be so festive about it, like China or Japan! This thought means even though your recipient isn’t precisely a practicing Christian, nothing should hold you back from spreading the holiday cheer with friends, even those from different backgrounds. The Christmas Tree emoji is undoubtedly one of the most classic choices you can send with your greeting. Because with one look, you are sure that your friends and family will quickly get which holiday you’re talking about. You can never go wrong with the imagery and magic of a Christmas tree!

When referring to some traditions like Secret Santa, you should also try using the Santa Claus emoji. Or if a mom, aunt, or grandmother is up for some gift-giving, the Mother Christmas or Mrs. Claus emoji can help add more context to the conversation. Whether you’re going with the Wrapped Gift, Candy Cane, or Snowman emoji, your Christmas greetings will indeed have more vibrance to them.

2. The Fireworks Emoji to Celebrate the New Year

Let’s now not forget one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world–New Year’s Eve! There’s just something about getting used to writing the date or making new year plans and resolutions. These mundane things give you a sense of hope or something to look forward to, things that effortlessly excites almost everyone. So, as you anticipate the year ahead, show how thrilled you are with no other than the Fireworks emoji! As you craft your good wishes for colleagues, friends, and family–be sure also to include the Wineglass, Partying Face, Party Popper, Sparklers, and Clinking Beer Mugs emojis, or any suitable combination. 

Let’s also not forget the Lunar New Year! Take advantage of the Red Envelope, Firecracker, Dumpling, and Mooncake emojis in any relevant conversation. These emojis should help you convey that you are grateful to be entering the year with your closest friends and loved ones.

3. Heart Emojis to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day, sometimes called Season of Hearts, is a much-awaited holiday for romantics and hopeless romantics alike. You can use plenty of emojis to express your love for your spouse, partner, or perhaps someone to whom you’re confessing your feelings. You have the Heart With Arrow, Growing Heart, Beating Heart, and Two Hearts emojis to convey your overflowing love.

Note that your options are not limited to hearts! Emojis now include the People Holding Hands emoji, which is more gender-neutral. Or it may depend on whether you are in a hetero or same-sex relationship. You are free to choose which variation best represents you and your partner. Use the Kiss emojis, too, if you want things to get even sweeter or more sultry.

Regardless, you don’t have to have a partner to make Valentine’s mean something. Remember that the season of hearts is also for priceless platonic relationships.

4. The Bunny Face Emoji to Remember Easter

Easter is another Christian holiday that remembers the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But even if your family isn’t Christian, it can still mean things like celebrating life or finding new hope. It is a tradition to get kids to look for hard-boiled and beautifully painted Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.

So, when referring to this celebration or sending relatives your Easter Sunday greetings, be sure to send the Bunny Face or Rabbit emoji–which can stand for the Easter Bunny. Other relevant emojis include the Hatching Chick, Baby Chick, Egg, and Carrot emojis. The Chocolate and Egg emojis can represent the chocolate eggs that kids enjoy on this special day. The more Easter emojis you use, the funner and more colorful your greetings will be!


Holidays are usually some of the most memorable days of your life, and there’s no need to overthink holiday greetings as long as they come from the heart. However, it wouldn’t hurt to make your greetings extra special by adding relevant emojis! These emojis will not only make your messages more eye-catching, but if you use them properly, they will also help your recipients know how you feel. Check out EmojiGuide.com for more information on emojis and the best ways to use them!


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