What Do You Learn in a CPR and First Aid Training Course

As per the American Heart Association, more than 300,000 cardiac arrests happen outside a hospital environment every year. This means that over 300,000 people have had their hearts come to a stop without a doctor or medical professional close by to help them.

That said, the survival of cardiac arrest victims depends on more people having CPR and first aid training so they can provide aid in emergency situations. The more the people who understand CPR, the higher the chances that a good number of these victims will be saved.

But with such a short time on your hands between school and work, you might not have the flexibility to attend a physical class. The good news is, thanks to modern advancements in the IT sector, you can now get your CPR and first aid certification online.

However, with the class being instructed online, you might not be sure of what to expect during the training course. Keep reading to have a better understanding of what you should expect to learn from a CPR and first aid course.

1. Knowledge of CPR

A good course should give you in-depth knowledge of what CPR is and what it aims to achieve. You will know how CPR helps save lives by restoring the body’s breathing and blood circulation functions and also how to work with others to administer CPR.

You’ll also get to learn how to perform various forms of CPR. There are different types of CPR for different patients. For instance, CPR on infants, older kids, and adults don’t involve the same approach.

2. Responding to an Emergency

One of the most important skills you should expect from a first aid course is to learn how to respond to an emergency. Before taking any action on a cut, burn, or sprain, you need to know how to respond first.

An online CPR and first aid course will teach you how to approach the individual, what to look out for, and how to decrease your own risk of harm. People often make the mistake of rushing to help in an emergency without the awareness of what to do, possibly escalating the severity of the situation.

3. AED Training

Some courses offer training on how to operate AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). AEDs more than double the odds of a patient’s survival, and knowing how to use these life-savers is not that complex.

Expect to learn how and when to use AED devices, as well as how to store and manage them.

Take a CPR and First Aid Certification Online Today

At the end of the course, expect to be put through a practice test and exam to assess the level of understanding you’ve gained over the duration of the course.

All in all, a CPR and first aid training certification will equip you with the skills and training of what you need to do in unexpected tragic situations. It could make the difference between saving and losing a life.

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