11 Innovative Ways To Make Extra Money With Your Smartphone

As technology is advancing, people have become more interested in earning money from their smartphones. There are now more opportunities than ever due to the increasing number of apps, tools and resources. Although you might not be able to make a fortune, there is a possibility to supplement your normal salary or income and put some money aside for special occasions. Today we will look at eleven innovative methods you can implement to earn some cash with the help of your smartphone. 

Sell Your Creative Work

If you are an artist or graphic designer, selling your artwork online might be one of the best ways to kickstart your creative business. There are various avenues you can explore to connect with potential customers. For example, it may be beneficial to use social media platforms such as Instagram as this is the perfect platform for start-ups. It allows you to send direct messages, mention key information in your bio, and obtain delivery details privately. Other ideas to showcase your work include registering at online marketplaces and managing an online shop within your website. 

Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend programs are a great way to earn money from home this year. It is as easy and simple as signing up and sharing a link through your smartphone. There are many businesses that reward customers who recommend products and services to family and friends. For instance, the Lebara Refer a Friend scheme allows you to earn cash online by referring others to the network. All you need to do is share a unique link via Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn or email and both you and your friend will be rewarded. Moreover, there is no cap on the referrals you can make.

Take Online Surveys

Another fantastic way to earn money using your phone is to take online surveys. Many businesses need feedback from certain target audiences to help them make decisions in marketing and product development. Because of this, they rely on survey apps to reach potential customers and learn about their experiences and preferences. As a result, you have the opportunity to earn money or vouchers online. Keep in mind that the number of paid surveys is limited  each month. For best results, it is advisable to sign up to as many online survey panels as possible.  

Sell Old Items

Many people tend to disregard a lot of unwanted items that are actually in good shape. If you have any old possessions that you would like to get rid of, you can easily sell them at online marketplaces. You could sell anything from forgotten furniture, books, jewellery or even cars. Be sure to go through your belongings and determine whether there is anything you no longer use. Then, you will need to research the market and establish an appropriate price. Also, it is worth reading about the different fee structures of online platforms.

Play Games

There are also some great online opportunities for game lovers looking to earn extra cash. Many apps will reward you for testing their games and giving them your honest opinion. The best part is that all you need is your phone and some time to spare. There are many apps which reward you with virtual currencies that can be converted into cash or gift cards. Others will track the consecutive minutes you spend playing and offer you a prize for the time spent playing different games. It is worth exploring the available options and deciding which one is best for you. 

Become A Freelancer

As many people now prefer working from home, there has been an increase in freelancing opportunities online. Whether you love photography or you have marketing experience, you will be able to find something suitable. Almost any service can be outsourced to a freelancer. As a result, there are many online freelance platforms you can access using your smartphone. For example, Fiverr is an app you can download and sign up to showcase your skills. You will be able to fill out information related to the services you offer. Keep in mind that if you are self-employed, you will need to register with HMRC for self-assessment.

Rent Your House

If you are going on holiday, it may be a good idea to rent your house. This will earn your money and ensure you are not leaving the house unoccupied while you are away. You can check if there are popular events in your local area and use this time to rent out your place to holiday makers. You can use platforms such as Airbnb to connect with a community of guests. As a host, you will be able to list your house and outline what is unique about it. This will bring you a variety of benefits such as setting availability according to your own schedule and establishing a price that works for you.

Monetise Social Media

Social media monetisation involves generating revenue from your social media audience. This can be achieved through content creation, affiliate programs and sponsorships. If you are a blogger who has built a community on one or two platforms, you will have the opportunity to grow and earn more. For example, you may be able to produce exclusive content which is available only to followers who pay a monthly subscription. In addition, promoting brands that you love through an affiliate network can help you increase conversion rates. Eventually, you may be able to partner up with companies directly and produce more content.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is another key platform where you can generate additional income. You can try posting short videos for fun or offering tutorials to teach your audience a certain skill. All you need to do is create a YouTube channel, post your videos and convince viewers to subscribe. It may be challenging at first, but there are strategies you can use to grow your audience. Be sure to check out this guide and produce viral content. Apart from making extra cash, this can also be a fun way to spend your free time. 

Sell Digital Assets

A digital product is an intangible asset such as a piece of media that can be stored in a file, or shared and sold online. Examples of digital assets can be online courses, PDFs, website templates, e-books and audio files. By selling digital products such as these, you can earn passive income. Moreover, there is no limit on how many products you can sell. If you are an expert on a particular subject, you have the chance to share valuable information with your audience. For instance, you can share an e-book with recipes you have created, design a repair manual for beginners or show academic research you have conducted.

Start Tutoring

Tutoring is another flexible opportunity that can fit around your other commitments. It will look amazing on your CV as you will be able to demonstrate your expertise in a subject area. For example, If you speak a foreign language, you can use this knowledge to help others with their studies. There are many tutoring platforms you can access on your smartphone as well as video conferencing software. Because of this, lessons can be done from any location allowing you to connect with students from across the world.

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