Turning your YouTube ad viewer into Fans

Music video marketing is one of the sciences that can make your internet business huge. This article will discuss how you can create music videos to transform your YouTube channel from subscribers to amazing fans – where the real money is.

To increase your sales in your online business and make money from every promotional video you post on your YouTube channel, you need to have a good relationship with your subscribers.

The purpose of your music videos for subscribers is to love them and trust you. Success is inevitable if your potential customers can get the feelings for you.

How can your subscribers then love and trust you? Here are vital things to keep in mind when marketing your music video so that you can turn your views into fans.

Have a teaser at the end

At the end of each music video you post on your YouTube channel, tell subscribers what the next music video is about.

Awaken your subscribers and make them look forward to your next music video. It’s like a trailer for a movie. Give them an idea of ​​the next good thing.

That is very effective in keeping your subscribers on your YouTube channel. Although your music videos may contain good information, some people are still not subscribed due to the number of music videos they receive daily.

By terminating your music videos with a teaser, you are less likely to subscribe to your channel, and this will make your music videos entertaining. In addition, you keep them in suspense.

After a while, they will enjoy watching your music videos. So your “like” factor will grow.

Have valuable information

Most people know that providing valuable information to subscribers will build trust. If you continue to post on your YouTube channel promotions on your YouTube channel, your subscribers will get angry and unsubscribe

If you have valuable information to share with your subscribers, click on a link in the music video to read it.

That is because people are watching a lot of music videos these days. They most likely scan hundreds of music videos and open up some videos that they find interesting.

If your music video contains one or two pages of valuable information, subscribers will not have time to read it. Instead, they are too busy accessing other music videos, deleting those they dislike, and continuing their work.

If your music videos are short and have a link to your website or blog that contains valuable information, subscribers will click on it to open a new browser and turn around to watch it after they’ve done their homework.

That is a very effective marketing technique for music videos. Writing short music videos and asking the subscriber to click on the link is much funnier than watching an extended music video.

Create entertaining videos

To make your channel subscribers fans, you need to be entertaining and exciting.

You can be entertaining and exciting by showing a particular character in your music videos. Being funny helps a lot. However, make sure you do not look stupid or unprofessional. It will kill confidence. Remember that they should trust and like you.

You can entertain by being funny, going against others’ opinions, and exaggerating things. It all makes people read and love your music videos. Maybe not everyone will like you, but you will get a lot more attention than being dull.

With every music video you post on your YouTube channel, make sure it’s short enough to read; it’s a link to great valuable information that your subscribers can read later, is entertaining to read, and has a preview of what is in the next music video.

Youtube Music promotion is a skill that you can use to make a lot of money. Do not neglect this skill. Creating a YouTube channel is useless if you do not know how to communicate with your subscribers. This includes opening your music videos, reading the content, and clicking on links.

If you do not know how to respond to your YouTube channel, outsource your marketing of music videos to a professional. See how they make your music videos and then copy their style. If they can create a responsive YouTube channel by writing an automated reply thread, it’s worth every penny they ask for because you can use it in the long run to increase your earnings.

Search for traffic

Traffic is one of the most important things to pay attention to, and I know you will do whatever it takes to get efficient traffic. However, that is not the most important thing to worry about, but convert it into back-to-back subscribers. It can get a significant traffic increase.

Secret Ways to Get More Traffic to Your YouTube Channel

All this with a bit of effort. First of all, what you need is a video. There is no point in hoping for traffic without unique and valuable music videos. Make videos with more priorities and expectations, and you’ll see the stats go up.

Always remember to emphasize your keyword when posting your videos. Use alt tags on images and optimize them for traffic through image search results. Make sure you have enough SEO intensity on your video before posting it. Update video ratings and keywords To master the video appropriately and judiciously.

Linking your YouTube channel to social networks is another excellent idea that depends on young and willing traffic. Post your newly created video on your online pages to get extra traffic.


Like and subscribe to other channels as much as possible with your YouTube channel URL. Try to find related videos by searching and commenting on them. It works. Alert your subscribers every time you work on your channel, and let them know to help you promote it by sharing it and letting others know.

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