Top Sunglasses for men to rock this year

Every man should look trendy and smart with a pair of great sunglasses. There is a wide variety of sunglasses for men that can be the best accessory for any occasion. Whether you enjoy cycling through mountains, drinking cocktails by the beach house, skiing with your buddies or engaging in fun cool water sports. 

You can find sunglasses that simply look cool or also have extra protective coatings on the lenses that look dapper. With SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find sunglasses for men from many brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Prada and much more. Find the perfect fit from classic to avant-garde frame styles combined with high-quality lens technology.

So have a look at some swanky sunglasses we’ve put together and rest assured that you’ll find the best companion for your next adventure!

Oakley dokey

If you didn’t know already Oakley is one of the best eyewear brands for sports. With unique designs and cutting-edge lens technology, Oakley sunglasses are a great match for outdoor sports. This particular pair is from the Oakley sunglasses Asian fit collection for cycling.

This means if you have a low nose bridge or a prominent heart shape face then Asian fit sunglasses are the right fit. They are durable, comfortable and have Oakley’s Prizm lens technology. These particular lenses are great in enhancing colours and contrast. 

You’ll enjoy all the details of your ride through the mountains!

Risky Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic. How can you beat the stylish wayfarer frames that have been on the face of many celebrities?

From movies like Risky Business to Resoviour Dogs, Ray-Ban sunglasses have dominated the scene for centuries and rightfully so. The sunglasses are iconic and vary from the classic pilot style frames to the elegant Clubmaster. 

This particular wayfarer frame has cool gradient grey lenses with fine quality UV protection, a fun fit for your days by the beach house. You’ll have all eyes turning to see who is this VIP?

Sunglasses to fit my ego

No harm in dreaming a little. Maybe you want to feel luxurious and dapper with a pair of Prada sunglasses for men that resemble the one and only charming Avenger. 

This particular pair of sunglasses have a metal frame with ritzy yellow lenses to protect your eyes from all the rays of light and attention. They are in a classic pilot frame that men of many face shapes can rock any time of the year. A classic pair of sunglasses that you can effortlessly wear for many occasions. 

Top sunglasses for top men

You won’t even have to go too far to find great sunglasses for men, that are always in trend and perfect for any occasion. Find a wide range of fashionable and practical sunglasses at your fingertips with SmartBuyGlasses.

Try out their lens technology like the lens scanner tool in case you forget your prescription and don’t have time to pop over to the opticians. Or even their virtual try-on tool that lets you virtually try on all the different sunglasses and glasses you find from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you need it for your beach house holiday or an adventurous day in nature, with a leading online retailer like SmartBuyGlasses it’s easy and convenient to shop for men’s sunglasses online with just a few clicks. 

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