Top 7 Kratom Tips for Beginners

My Kratom Club is a place where everyone knows and loves kratom. What’s the best place to begin your kratom journey? Here are our best kratom tips to help you get the most out of your kratom journey.

If you’re new to kratom or want to brush up on your kratom expertise, here are some of our top recommendations:

Tip #1: Serving size

The serving amount of kratom is an important consideration when getting the most out of this herb’s effects.

The recommended serving amount for most kratom users is one teaspoon (2.4 grams). However, if you’re new to kratom, start with 1 gram and gradually increase your dosage. To get the most accurate measurements, utilize a scale.

There are no set rules for taking kratom since everyone is different. Be true to yourself. It is possible to increase the kratom gradually you take to obtain the desired effects. If you’ve tried the 1-gram serving size and are happy with the results, stick with it! If you’re satisfied with how you’re doing now, there’s no need to raise your goals.

When it comes to kratom, “less is more” is true: a lower portion size provides a burst of energy, while the larger serving size is more vital.

It’s best to limit your daily intake to four grams.

Tip #2: “Toss & wash” method

The “toss and wash” method of kratom consumption is one of the simplest and most efficient. This is a great approach for those who want the advantages of kratom but are reluctant to take it orally. Toss and wash is a time-saving method that allows you to move on to other fun activities. To “wash” down the kratom, you need some kratom and a beverage like flavored water, sports drink, iced tea, or your favorite beverage.

Toss and wash is a more efficient method of ingesting kratom since the plant is quickly absorbed into your system. There are just four easy stages involved in the toss and wash process:

  • Calculate how much kratom you should take each day.
  • A cup of water or your favorite beverage is all you need. The kratom will be “washed” down with this.
  • Toss the kratom powder into your mouth, or swallow it. Avoid inhaling or ingesting the powder. You may experience pain, coughing, and waste kratom powder if you do. Kratom powder inhalation may be dangerous, so only use it if you’ve been taking it for some time.
  • Take a sip of water or your favorite beverage and flush the kratom out of your system. Before eating the kratom, let it dissolve in the beverage. Let it all wash down with another sip of water.

Kratom has a nasty taste, so be careful while using it! If you’re still unable to tolerate the taste even using this quicker method, you may want to consider our pills or tablets.

Tip #3: Know your kratom products

You may not know which business or product to invest in when there are so many kratom vendors and goods available to you. Detecting suspicious kratom behavior necessitates the consideration of a few key factors:

  1. Make sure the product has been thoroughly evaluated in a laboratory. Lab testing is a common promise made by businesses. Some laboratories may perform a single test on a huge quantity, while others may falsify lab certificates. At My Kratom Club, we make everything as clear as possible. A third-party lab tests our kratom for tiny amounts of contaminants, heavy metals, and alkaloid levels. The original lab certificate for each batch is linked to a QR code on the product label. Learn more about How to Buy Kratom Online at My Kratom Club.
  2. Your product’s 7-OH content and mitragynine concentration are very important considerations. Kratom’s major alkaloids are these two compounds. There is a wide range of kratom effects due to the unique alkaloid content of each batch. Try a few different kratom strains before deciding which one works best for you. Mitragynine concentration distinguishes our strains at our organization. One of our varieties, for example, always has a mitragynine content of over 1.4 percent. Always Shop Quality Kratom Capsules at My Kratom Club.
  3. When it comes to kratom manufacture, not all companies adhere to the same strict standards. We rigorously comply to GMPs and FDA regulations to ensure that our kratom is safe, effective, and of the highest quality. One of our first accomplishments is being recognised by the American Kratom Association, which is responsible for establishing federal, state, and local legal requirements for kratom. In the unlikely event that you’re not completely happy with our kratom, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When you purchase kratom from My Kratom Club, you can be confident that you are ticking all three boxes, as mentioned earlier.

#4: Be hydrated!

After using kratom, it’s important to be well-hydrated, so make sure you’re getting lots of fluids in. Some users of kratom report feeling dizzy. Dehydration may be to blame.

Drink plenty of water when using kratom to avoid dehydration. Staying hydrated, say some users, may assist extend the effects of kratom.

Tip #5: Do not take kratom on an empty stomach.

When using kratom for the first time, start with a small serving amount of 1 to 2 grams and gradually increase it according to how your body reacts.

If you take kratom on an empty stomach, you may not experience its effects as soon since your body absorbs it more slowly — depending on how much you ate, you may not even feel its effects if you do take it at all. After a meal, it may be necessary to increase the quantity of kratom you consume.

With no food in your stomach, bigger servings may cause nausea. The most important thing you can take away from this lesson is that you should be mindful of how much kratom you can consume on an empty stomach and adjust your serving sizes accordingly.

Tip #6: Tolerance breakdowns

Kratom tolerance may develop over time for certain users. When using kratom first, kratom buy from authentic store, start with small doses to get the desired effects. Your “sweet spot” is the dose and strain combination that works best for you throughout your kratom experimentation.

Because of this, it may be necessary to increase your kratom dosage if you don’t assess your tolerance beforehand. This might lead to excessive kratom usage. Take regular tolerance breaks to prevent this issue. Take a break instead of increasing the serving size if your usual serving isn’t yielding the results you want. Swapping strains might also help.

Tip #7: Kratom storage

For at least a year after purchase, kratom held at room temperature (or cooler) will not go bad. Mitragynine and other alkaloids in my Kratom Club have undergone stability testing to ensure they stay stable over long periods. So you don’t have to be concerned about the strength of your older bag of kratom!

Here are a few tips to keep your kratom safe and effective when preserving it.

  • Use an airtight container to keep your kratom safe. Keep your kratom fresh with our high-barrier textiles, which are strong, water-resistant, and oxygen-resistant. Contamination, dampness, and pathogens will not be able to get into the goods this way. When exposed to air, kratom may oxidize and become toxic. The development of hazardous mold may be induced by moisture.
  • Make sure that your kratom is in an area that isn’t exposed to the sun’s heat. Use amber-colored glass jars for additional light protection.
  • It would help if you kept your kratom at the same temperature. It is best to keep kratom out of the reach of heating or cooling systems, freezers, or dryers.
  • Vacuum-sealed storage or freezing are two options for long-term preservation.

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