Top 5 places to live in Italy

Living in Italy means much more than beaches, sun and a stress-free life. Living in Italy means finding a country with probably the best kitchen all over the world and insane landscapes; with houses embedded in the rocks overlooking seas or rivers in small villages and a peaceful calm.

Dozens are the researches made through the years to get the best place to live in this magnificent country. So here we go with the chart of some of the top 5 regions to live in Italy.

TuscanyThis region has an environmental and cultural heritage of marked beauty. Not simply thanks to its history but even for its landscape – such as Sienese hills, a second home for many American directors. The higher standard of living, with an absolute record of 86.3 years, it is a fact! No coincidence that many foreigners want to retire in this magnificent land and look for houses in Italy thanks even to Tuscany reputation. Hillary Clinton belongs to the list of those who used to manifest their love for this land.

Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino is one of the best Italian tourist destinations for its beautiful landscapes and the many activities to do within the region. The developed region shows off a great integration of the natural territory on the slopes of the Dolomites with new technologies. The vast presence of companies has allowed this area, famous above all for winter skiing and for Italian-German bilingualism, to be able to emancipate itself completely growing up very fast.


The Marche region has a land that embodies a harmonious fusion of history, landscapes and art. In particular, Macerata leads among the best provinces where you can live within the region: according to a ranking by ItaliaOggi on the quality of life of the Italian provinces, Macerata occupied the 19th place in 2019. In addition, the Marche is rich in magnificent medieval villages – 28 those counted!


Characterized by rolling hills and settlements rich in traditions and history, Umbria has so much to offer in terms of landscapes, food and wine and culture. There is also the opportunity to do many sports activities contributing to the collective well-being of the inhabitants. Among the various wonderful places to visit also the splendid Marmore waterfall and the medieval alleys of Perugia. With Tuscany, Umbria is one of the most favorite places by the foreigners to buy a house.


A treasure chest of art, history and nature, Apulia is considered by many as the land of sun and hospitality. Not to mention the cuisine: a real triumph of Mediterranean flavors! A place loved by the many tourists who flock to it in summer and by its own inhabitants. The region is the privileged destination of summer holidays and the ideal place to live all year round.

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