Quick And Easy Photographer Bridal Tips

As well as being a very happy occasion, weddings can also be a very stressful one too. After all, you’re inviting family and friends to one of the most important days of your life and naturally you want everything to run smoothly as planned. So along with the excitement there will also be some last minute nerves. To help his brides cut down the stress, Richard, an experienced wedding photographer Surrey, located in England, UK has a few helpful last minute tips:

The Weather Is What It Is, Go With It

If the weather forecast is unfortunately going to be bad on your big day, accept it quickly and move on. Don’t dwell on what could have been, just quickly adapt to what you can do. Family and guests may be thinking what a shame but they won’t dwell on it, they will be wanting to share the joy of your day regardless of what the weather is. What’s more you can get some very dramatic and memorable wedding pictures on a rainy day.

Don’t Worry About Anything, Just Enjoy It All

When the day comes, try and leave the details to your closest family or friends – be that your mum, your sister or your bridesmaids. They want you to be happy and they will help you in any way to make sure you have a perfect day. So make sure everyone is briefed beforehand on their roles, so you don’t have to think of a thing and if you do then someone can deal with it for you.

Let Your Day Unravel Nice And Slowly

You often hear a bride (and groom) talk about how fast the day has gone and indeed, when the time comes for you to be dressed and ready, the clock suddenly goes into overdrive and the minutes start to zoom by. The order of the day just swooshes by in a linear way; the marriage ceremony, pre-dinner drinks, photos, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance and before you know it the day has ended. All the months of planning and you’re thinking where did it all go? So try to do things slowly, observe everything, enjoy every moment so that you will be able to remember it more clearly later and that way you will feel that the day really was packed full of great times.

Things To Note When You Are Getting Ready

  •     Try to get ready in a room with lots of natural light as it helps your photographer capture more atmospheric images
  •     Make sure you have a decent looking hanger for your beautiful wedding dress photos – a nice wooden one is better than cheap looking plastic one
  •     Make sure you unwrap the flower bouquets and take them out of their water jars so they are dry for when you need them
  •     Do try and eat something, it will calm you down, stop your stomach rumbling during the ceremony and line your stomach if you are having any pre-ceremony celebratory drinks
  •     Make sure you have tried on your dress recently so it still fits as you expect to and make sure someone knows how to fasten it up
  •     Also in addition to your lovely wedding shoes bring along some comfortable ones and even a pair of boots if it’s raining


Following these simple tips could help you to enjoy your wedding day even more, have a great wedding!

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