Reinvent Yourself with Women’s Loungewear by Sleeper

Warmer days are right on our doorsteps and it means that it’s time to pull out the best spring-summer outfits you got! It also means that if you were thinking about searching for something new and maybe adding a little bit of chic to your everyday looks, now is the perfect time to do that. And if you were wondering, which brand may be of help to you, then the answer is Sleeper. Especially considering that they opened the hot season with some discounts. Everything from linen dresses to pajamas on sale is worth checking out. And if you were eyeing something, what could be a better time to buy it?

You may have heard a lot about Sleeper, but if you haven’t bought anything from them yet, you might be a bit hesitant. First of all, you need to know that the brand has been in business for eight years now, which makes it competent, yet relatively young and still fresh. Its designs have already successfully amazed the fashion audience, however, they haven’t lost their relevance. Women’s loungewear by Sleeper is still popular among style lovers and also continues to gain support from celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Pandora Sykes, and Emily Weiss. Secondly, considering the variety of collections, introduced by Sleeper throughout these years, it will be hard not to find anything for your fashion taste. Their main capsules now are:

  • Summer Market
  • Party Collection
  • Vacation Styles
  • and, of course, the one-of-a-kind Bridal Collection.

Finally, if you are still feeling unsure, you should go and check out the assortment of clothes that Sleeper offers. Interesting, high-quality, multipurpose designs will help make up your mind towards an opinion about this brand.

Sleeper – The Most Comfortable Pajamas for Women

Sleeper is a brand that gained its popularity by creating women’s loungewear, that could not only be suitable for wearing at home, but also for other occasions such as parties, coffee dates, work errands, picnics, and many others. Its clothes are distinguished by the highest quality, sustainability, and also comfort. As a matter of fact, the main message of the brand was to show that fashion can be comfortable and effortless. To stay stylish, all you need is to slip into your pajama set and go on about your day as you usually would. That is also one of the reasons, why Sleeper’s pajamas for women gained such huge recognition. They promote an easy and fun approach to beauty and fashion.

Take, for instance, Sleeper’s signature design – pajamas with feathers. Lightweight fabrics, loose silhouette – what could be a better representation of elegance, yet such simplicity in style. Nonetheless, this outfit can’t be called boring or frugal. The details – that is the main focus of Sleeper’s attention. Tonal piping, mother-of-pearl buttons, and the most important detail – detachable feather cuffs – add so much style to this vintage-inspired piece. The Sleeper set is also available in different colors, black, white, pink Vichy, and blue. And for the fans of extra chic looks, or for those who are looking to add a little bit of extravagance to their closet, there are also Party pajama sets with double feather cuffs – both on the shirt and trousers. And the important thing is that you can always adjust your look by removing the cuffs and also by mix-and-matching the outfit with your regular jeans, classic trousers, or skirts, t-shirts and shirts, sweaters and tank-tops.

What’s on Sale?

Sleeper is now holding this massive sell-off with discounts that reach up to 70%. And, of course, there are a lot of pajamas on sale. Starting with Sizeless pajamas set with pants, and ending with the Weekend Chic set with bicycle shorts and fuzzy details. There are also some linen lounge sets, for example, Lemon Unisex set with pants, and Rumba linen lounge suit in various patterns and colors.

Unsurprisingly, there are also a lot of different dresses. You can see a sophisticated Marquise linen dress with corset detail, a picnic-perfect Belle dress design, Brigitte midi, and maxi dresses, as well as some classics such as a button-up loungewear dress and Michelin design. There is also a vast collection of shoewear on sale too. Shearling slippers, Manon mules with feathers, Mille-feuille silk flats, Macaroni strappy sandals, Matilda clogs, and Puff slippers — everything you need to complete your freshly-bought Sleeper outfit or to add to your regular wardrobe. Besides all of this, there are also some athleisure looks in this huge sale, represented by a variety of Diana Athpleasure sweatsuits. With such gorgeous options and a good price offer, it’s impossible to leave without buying anything.

Sleeper: The Idea Behind the Brand

Sleeper’s pajamas with feathers, and frankly any other piece of clothing, is made with one purpose – to make any environment feel as comfortable as a home. All of the designs are easy to wear and combine with practically anything, which is another Sleeper’s contribution to the sense of comfort in casual style. It is also important to note that Sleeper promotes self-expression and uniqueness in fashion. The brand’s designs are not like anything else, and if you wear it – you wear it in an exceptional kind of way. This is another reason behind Sleeper’s popularity and a great fan base. And most importantly, the recognition of their ideas is what keeps the brand moving forward. The production of new design ideas, implementation of new fabrics, and patterns, and introductions of new collections – all is done according to the Sleeper’s initial motives and with the support of fashion lovers from all over the world. Sleeper co-founders, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa stay true to their vision and perception of style. This is why their brand has so much appeal and continues to mesmerize new customers after all these years.

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