NYC Chauffeur Service: Celeb Hotspots in NYC

If one of the reasons you’re vacationing in New York City is to run into a few celebrities, you just might be in luck! Many famous people consistently live or work in the city at any given time.

The following is a list of spots in New York frequented by most of the celebrities you admire. And even if you don’t see someone famous, at the very least, you will have visited another amazing location, which is a huge plus!

Barclays Center

To what extent are you dedicated to achieving your goal of meeting famous people? Because it is going to be called into question with this one: reserve a seat for the next sporting event that will take place at the Barclays Center.

Just recently, Madonna was spotted sitting ringside during a boxing event. Other celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowski, members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and Beyonce have also been seen sitting courtside during Brooklyn Nets games.


The restaurant Carbone should be a major stop on the itinerary of any genuine celebrity seeker because it is a cozy Italian eatery frequented by the likes of, well, just about every famous person tucking into a warm dinner there. Margot Robbie, Rihanna, Olivia Rodrigo, and Jennifer Lopez are among the celebrities who have been spotted at Carbone.

The restaurant’s popularity is so great that it is practically legendary, and it is notoriously impossible to get a table inside. However, if you don’t have a magic spell hidden away in the back pocket of your jacket to zap yourself onto the waitlist, you can find yourself tented just outside of the restaurant in the expectation of catching sight of BTS or Kim Kardashian returning for the restaurant’s homey eating experience.

If you do manage to obtain a reservation, you must get the famous Spicy Rigatoni Vodka. If you go to Carbone and don’t have their rigatoni, you didn’t go to Carbone! You must also try the Lobster Fra Diavolo, and the Lemon Cheesecake which is deceptively straightforward despite its grand reputation.


A trip through Balthazar’s doors is like entering a time machine, transporting you to a French brasserie straight out of the 1950s. Balthazar, owned by the same people as Carbone, has significantly more available reservation times if you’re willing to wait it out on their website. A little guideline: Make a reservation up to three weeks in advance.

While seated, look around the restaurant; you never know who you might see. Anna Wintour, eating alone in her favorite booth, Meryl Streep, Tom Hiddleston, Awkwafina, dropping by for a quick lunch of scallops and salads. Mussels & fries, steak, and duck confit are just a few traditional French foods that populate the menu. Get the Escargots, some oysters, and the traditional Balthazar Burger. It’s a clear win!


Staying overnight at the Rockefeller Center is a great way to catch a glimpse of renowned individuals coming and going. Many famous people have appeared on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, both of which are produced at this NBC building.

If the search for a celebrity gets tedious, you can always take a break to do some shopping nearby and cross your fingers that Anne Hathaway might just happen to walk in when you’re perusing the sale items.

Brooklyn Heights

Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver are just a few Hollywood A-listers who have established their homes in the increasingly affluent Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. The Heights are worth a visit regardless, thanks to the beautiful, centuries-old architectural history that make up the tree-lined streets and the beautiful scenery of Manhattan’s shimmering urban landscape set against the waterfront.

Other prestigious neighborhoods in Brooklyn include Cobble Hill and Park Slope. Find a spot to sit along the promenade, get a hotdog from a street vendor, and take in the sights. We recommend visiting to see the celebrities but staying for the parks.

Hire An NYC Chauffeur Service to Enjoy The City Sights!

Visit all these spots without the hassle of driving yourself around the city. Trying to catch a taxi in New York or using the overcrowded public transportation system can be a frustrating experience, especially around rush hour.

The subway, in particular, can be confusing for first-time riders due to the use of letters, numbers, and color coding for the many train lines and the inability to distinguish between the express and local routes easily.

You can relax in the back of a sleek hired car while taking in the sights when you hire a professional NYC chauffeur service. They will ensure you take advantage of all the best sights on your city break.

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