Effective Life Style Modifications to Keep Diabetes under Control

Diabetes is a common occurrence these days. Every 1 out of 10 has diabetes, and 1 out of 5 do not even know they have it. Multiple factors can cause insulin resistance or sugar level disturbances.

Taking effective measures to keep your blood sugar in a normal range is not only vital for diabetics, but everyone should try to intake less sugar and unhealthy carbs to prevent prediabetic or diabetic risks. 

Lifestyle modification is the first-line treatment option recommended by doctors globally. This article will brief you on some of the best ways to diabetes management. Let’s start with a better understanding!


If you suffer from DM, the first thing you should do is start exercising. Taking medications is unnerving; why should you do it when things can be solved by keeping yourself healthy?

Staying active makes your body more sensitive to insulin. Your body utilizes sugar to fulfill energy requirements during exercise, which is how exercise is a miracle in diabetes management.

Take Fiber and Avoid Extra Carbs.

Taking too many carbohydrates and not controlling your portion intake is the worst decision a person with diabetes could make. When you take carbs, your body converts them into glucose, and insulin helps lower these levels in the blood. 

But if you have diabetes, there is either no insulin production or your body resists insulin; in both cases, further carbs intake does not help with the diabetic condition but worsens it. So, try to avoid sweets ad diets with a high glycemic index.

Fibers are the best diet for you as fibers slow down carb digestion and, in return, sugar absorption. Therefore, your blood sugar level rises gradually. It would help if you tried high-fiber foods like whole grains, beans, broccoli, berries and avocado, dried fruits, and the like. 

Manage your Weight

Obesity naturally causes insulin resistance. Most of the cases of Type 2 DM are either overweight or obese. Apart from diabetes, obesity is also associated with developing metabolic syndrome. 

Metabolic syndrome is a collection of health issues, including DM, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, healthcare providers always stress getting your BMI under normal ranges.

Doing weight loss diets and exercises can also make your diabetic condition go away as long as you keep it up.

Manage your Stress Levels.

Stress is another factor that does not let your natural insulin work properly. When stressed, your body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that interfere with insulin function.

And since insulin helps blood sugar to enter the cells for further conversion. Stress leads to increased levels of sugar in your blood. You must have seen doctors recommend diabetic patients to keep away from stress. 

An effective way to lower your stress level is to practice meditation or do some simple exercises daily. You can also do yoga to relax your mind and body.

Stay Hydrated  

Drinking plenty of water is also an effective way to keep blood sugar levels within range. More water flushes out the sugar through the urine, so enough water intake is beneficial not only for people with diabetes but also for healthy people.

It would be best if you stayed hydrated to minimize the risks of diabetes in the long run.

If your fasting blood sugar level still reads above 110-120mg/dL, get help from your healthcare provider, who will prescribe some antidiabetics like Januvia, Metformin, or like. The medications for diabetes are pretty cost-effective; you can check the Januvia generic cost for a better understanding.

Now, a word of advice! Never take any of these medications without a prescription from a licensed practitioner.

A Quick Review

Diabetes is so common these days, and you can keep your symptoms under control by following some of the earlier-mentioned methods. Remember, not all diabetics are the same, these tips are best for all types of diabetes, but Type 2 DM patients have the advantage most. If these alone do not work for you, you should have a proper checkup to diagnose your Diabetes Mellitus Type and then get treatments accordingly.

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