Must-Have Smoke Accessories – 14mm Ash Catcher And More

For the marijuana aficionado, there are many accessories that can help make the process of smoking this herb more enjoyable.

14mm Ash Catcher

The 14mm Ash Catcher is an essential bong upgrade accessory for smokers looking to improve the quality and taste of their hits. It helps prevent unwanted resin and debris from being drawn into your pipe, which is often responsible for foul tasting bong water.

This non-diffusing piece will help trap burnt ash before entering your bong, for effortless cleaning. Plus, since there are no percs, there’s no additional drag added to the piece – making it an ideal choice for anyone wanting a cleaner bong! You should try out the weed delivery vancouver.

Another advantage to this attachment is its ease of cleaning. Simply rinse it with warm water and a reliable bong cleaning solution, whether purchased from an established store or homemade.

Ash catchers come in a variety of sizes. The most common size is 14mm, though you may find options that are smaller or larger depending on what kind of bong you want to add one to.

When choosing your attachment type, you’ll want to take into account the angle. The most popular is a 45-degree angle; however, some come with 90 degree angles as well.

The 14mm Ash Catcher is an incredibly useful accessory that can be attached to any water pipe. It can serve as a traditional ash catcher or be combined with a slide for even greater filtration. You can shop 14mm ash catcher online or at your local smoke shop. This can help improve your smoking experience.

Inline Perc

Percolators, also referred to as bongs or water pipes, have been a longstanding part of marijuana culture for many years. Not only do they diffuse cannabis smoke and enhance your smoking experience by cooling hits and increasing airflow, but they are an indispensable tool in cultivating cannabis plants.

Different styles of percs exist, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Some are better at diffusing smoke and cooling hits while others can be easier to clean or come equipped with additional features that enhance your smoking experience.

A perc is a glass tube with multiple holes or slits for diffusion and filtering. It often sits at the bottom of a bong to provide extra filtration, making it an excellent addition to any piece you plan to use frequently or share with friends.

The Inline Perc is a horizontal tube featuring several slits that diffuse and filter your smoke. It makes for an excellent addition to any dab rig as it makes the hit smoother and more enjoyable.

Showercap Perc

Showercap percs are a popular type of perc. Shaped like showerheads, they contain slits which force herb smoke down into an elevated chamber above the water in the base of the bong. Commonly found on beaker-shaped bongs, showercap percs can also be paired with other percs for added versatility.

This innovative device is featured in some of the finest water pipes and dab rigs on the market. Its small size makes it convenient to store in a pocket or organizer, while also doing an excellent job at filtering smoke from the air.

It’s also beneficial to keep this handy little device in your car or truck, so that you can quickly load it up and enjoy a quick hit while on the go. Additionally, water pipes, dab rigs or bubblers would benefit from having one as it cools down vapors while preserving terpenes in herbs. You can click the link: for more information.

Honeycomb Perc

The honeycomb perc is a disc bong with hundreds of small holes for filtering smoke. It’s popular due to its smooth drag and ease of cleaning.

These discs are constructed from coarse glass particles bonded together, creating millions of tiny holes – thus the name. The greater the number of holes, the better the device is at diffusing smoke from the disc.

Many honeycomb bongs feature multiple percs within the chamber to further improve filtration effectiveness. Some even boast more than six percs!

Some percs are easier to clean than others, so make sure you select the right one for you. With so many types of percs available in various shapes and sizes, there should be no problem finding a style that appeals to your preferences.

When shopping for a perc bong, ensure it has a donut ring ice catch to prevent melting while smoking. This is especially essential when smoking dry herbs or concentrates.

Bong Cleaner

Smoking weed in an unclean bong can dramatically alter the flavor of your buds. Maintaining the cleanliness of your marijuana accessories on a regular basis is a great way to keep them functioning optimally and looking their best. In addition, it helps to ensure a safe smoking experience.  Investing in a high-quality cleaning product can help make the process faster and easier.

Cleaning a bong is easier than it may appear.

The first step is choosing the right cleaning product. There are many options on the market; some are eco-friendly; others promise to cut through resin with minimal scrubbing required. You may want to try a few different products to see which one is the best fit for you.

Once you have decided on a cleaner, you begin by taking the stem and bowl off your bong. Doing this makes it easier to scrub away any ashy gunk that has built up on the glass piece.

Add your cleaning liquid of choice to your glassware. After that is complete, drain out your piece and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

No matter how often you use your bong, it is recommended that you give it a thorough clean at least once every week or whenever any visible resin buildup appears. Doing this ensures your smoke remains as healthy and flavorful as possible while also preventing the growth of harmful pathogens in its water. You can click here for more information about cleaning your glassware.

There are many scientifically proven benefits to smoking marijuana. If you are planning to start using this medicinal herb or if you have been partaking for a while, there are many different accessories that can make your experience easier, cleaner, and more beneficial.

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