Erectile Dysfunction: Everything You Should Know About It

Complexities in sexual intercourse can significantly affect your life. And it can happen to anyone when left unchecked. One of the most critical health conditions finding its way into the lives of men above 40 years is none other than Erectile Dysfunction. It is the inability to achieve or keep your erection. 

This impotence can be very embarrassing to address but should never be neglected. ED can also have underlying causes that can put your life at stake. You must take action if you are experiencing the symptoms. The longer you suffer from it, the more stress it brings and the greater the risks. 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

ED can be caused for many reasons, including physical or psychological. Let’s take a brief look at both of them:

Physical Conditions

Many physical medical conditions can lead to difficulty in achieving an erection. These can either be due to direct injury to your penis or some underlying medical condition as follows: 

  • If you are suffering from chronic illnesses like Diabetes or heart disease, etc., it might decrease the blood flow towards your male reproductive parts and lead to reduced function. 
  • Hormonal imbalance, mainly decreased release of testosterone, can also cause sexual dysfunction as it is one of the most significant hormones necessary to keep up your sexual desires.
  • A direct or indirect injury or trauma can cut off or minimize the blood supply to your penis, thus causing it to lose functionality. 
  • Another main physical factor includes age. Studies have shown that men above 40 years old are at greater risk of getting ED.

Psychological Conditions

Your mental health affects your sexual drives and desires more than you can imagine. When you are not feeling up to par, it becomes difficult to enjoy a happy sexual relationship. Some psychological conditions have a much more significant effect than others. These include:

  • Depression: Depressed psychological state makes it challenging to achieve an erection or keep it long enough. 
  • Anxiety & Stress: All body functions depend on your mental health. When dealing with stress and anxiety, indulging yourself in activities that require energy is more challenging. 
  • Relationship problems: Lastly, your relationship problems can significantly trigger your mind to send enough nerve impulses to have wonderful sexual intercourse.

Signs and Symptoms

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, you can experience some persistent or intermittent signs and symptoms that you should be aware of;

  • Decreased Sexual Desire
  • Trouble maintaining or achieving an erection
  • Difficulty in reaching an orgasm

Such symptoms are your cue to grab your cell phone and dial your healthcare provider to diagnose and treat your condition as soon as possible.

Treatment Options

Although ED is becoming more prevalent worldwide each day, it is not incurable. But the condition remains to be diagnosed and treated in early stages to reverse it for good and reduce risks. Your physician can guide you for several treatment options based on the severity of the disease, which may include:

Lifestyle Modifications

Changing or introducing healthy lifestyle habits can help you to prevent the progression and reduce the severity of your ED. All you need to do is make a routine and stick to it. Exercise is a must. The weight-bearing workouts can help you plenty to cure your condition. You can also indulge in exercise that focuses on and addresses your reproductive system’s health. 

And remember to discontinue your smoking habits, as they can further worsen your condition. The same goes for alcohol. Cut down your alcohol intake and see the magic.

Psychological therapy

When the underlying cause of your ED is of psychological origin, psychological therapy sessions can significantly help bring you back on the road to a happy relationship. You should contact a certified psychologist or psychiatrist to seek help. 

Oral medication

One of the Leading ways to cope with your Erectile dysfunction is using medications. Your doctor will prescribe some Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Inhibitors like Tadalafil or Sildenafil 100mg. These drugs increase the blood flow to your penis and thus lead your ED towards improvement. 

But remember that these are prescription drugs, and you should never self-medicate. Your doctor or health provider is more knowledgeable about prescribing the proper medication for your case and its severity. So always try to consult with a professional beforehand.

Final Thoughts

ED is one of the leading causes of complications in your relationships. Although it is a matter of ego and self-respect for some men, it is unnecessary to feel embarrassed as it is not your fault. Anyone can suffer from it, and you must seek medical help from professionals and emotional support from your loved ones. 

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