How to Succeed as a High Fashion Designer

Up and coming designers are the future of the fashion world. Young hopefuls bring fresh perspectives, creativity, and energy with their designs. They generate style trends and infuse houses of haute couture with youth and verve.

The road to becoming a successful fashion designer is different for everyone. Creativity, skill, education, and formal training can all be a part of a professional journey. For a new designer, the right opportunity for exposure can catapult a career to success. Celebrities, social media, and the fashion industry often provide such golden opportunities.

Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

Established designers know that to keep their looks current, they need to seek out fresh talent. Dolce & Gabbana understands this and has made supporting new designers a priority. The brand benefits by working with the brightest young designers, and the designers gain the exposure they need to get noticed. They also gain valuable education from the experience of working with the finest in the business. Never underestimate the importance of networking and meeting the power players in any industry.

Dolce & Gabbana showed incredible support of the young designer community when they opened Spiga 2, a boutique showcasing promising designers from around the world. Spiga 2 is a space for learning, sharing ideas, and displaying the designs of rising stars in the fashion industry. What an honor for a fashion newcomer to have designs showing in the same store as D&G accessories, also featured in Spiga 2.

Celebrity Partnership Opportunities

Of course, her journey to that evening involved a commitment to hard work and an incredible level of talent. But the fact remains that the right opportunities for exposure are vital to moving a career forward in fashion. Working closely with publicists and celebrities can place an emerging designer’s work in the right place at the right time.

Collaborations with design houses are also excellent opportunities for young designers to work with celebrities. When Dolce & Gabbana partnered with Harris Reed, a young British-American designer, the result was breathtaking. The partnership produced a show-stopping golden gown for the super-model Iman to wear at the Met Gala. Harris was even able to walk with Iman on the iconic Met Gala stairs, putting him front and center next to his stunning creation. Exposure like that is priceless.

Social Media Opportunities

Establishing a solid presence and staying active on social media can bring attention to designers who are new to the fashion scene. It provides opportunities to showcase garments and connect with fellow creators. Online groups can be virtual forums for learning and provide an easy way to network. Designers from across the globe can come together to share ideas, seek advice, brainstorm, or provide support for one another.

Eager to find edgy new designers for their celebrity clients, publicists are known to scour social media looking for designers getting lots of buzz. Many social media accounts are dedicated to finding new talent in the realm of fashion. Getting noticed by influential accounts can result in a feature post and put a new designer virtually in front of power players in Hollywood. Making these kinds of connections can take a designer to a whole new level of fame and success.

Making it in the uber-competitive world of fashion isn’t easy. Seeking out as many opportunities for exposure as possible is key to success.

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