How to Relax Before Starting a New and Exciting Job

You’re about to start a new and exciting job. Congratulations!

This will no doubt be the start of a wonderful journey in your career. And despite how ready you may feel for this next step, starting a new job is, well, a little scary!

Even though you’re likely the perfect fit for the role, there are still a lot of unknowns. What will your coworkers be like? What exactly is the company culture? Will you blend in seamlessly, or will there be some growing pains?

These are questions that you may naturally be asking yourself as you head towards your first day. Before you get too distracted by your thoughts and wind up a bundle of nerves, it’s best to relax!

Not exactly sure how? Don’t worry, we’ll share five tips on how to relax before starting a new and exciting job.

1. Remember You Won’t Know Everything on Day One

If you’re nervous before starting your new and exciting job, part of that is probably the fear of making a bad first impression.

You may think you’ll look undeserving of the job if you don’t jump right in and take control of your role. But think of it this way: you’re new, your manager knows you’re new, and your co-workers know you’re new.

No one expects you to start the job knowing everything. They know you will need time to undergo training and adjust to the job position.

Take a deep breath and keep in mind that you’re not expected to know everything from a to b at your new job. You may even make a few errors as you start out, but that’s totally okay and expected.

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2. Staying Positive Goes a Long Way

Starting a new and exciting job with a positive attitude is the only way to go!

Whether your job is in-person or remote, you will have people who you talk to in the organization that hired you for the role. Make sure that you’re friendly and engaging with everything they teach you.

There’s no need to be over-the-top friendly, but keeping a smile on your face and maintaining a positive mindset can help you relax and kill the nerves as you start your new job.

3. Try Something to Take the Edge Off

If you are really feeling anxious and are afraid of your anxiety getting in the way of your job performance, consider taking something to help you relax.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take vitamins and supplements to calm your racing mind and fidgety body.
  • If you live in a recreational or medicinal-use cannabis state, consider digging into your stash if it helps you relax. Just be sure you store it properly so it continues to serve you, which Veriheal shares how to do.
  • Instead of your morning coffee, reach for an herbal tea with ingredients like lavender, ginger, and chamomile to relax you.

4. Come Prepared

You won’t know exactly how your first day or week at work will go. And that’s okay! Just try your best to come prepared as much as possible.

For instance, you’ll probably be taking a lot of notes as you learn the ropes. Bring a notebook and a few pens with you. You shouldn’t assume your employer will supply these.

Be sure to write down any questions you have about the role and ask them on the job. Your managers will appreciate that you’re interested in starting off on the right foot.

Also, check out your company’s website to learn all you can about it (unless you did this prior to the interview!) This will give you insight into the company’s goals and how you can start contributing to them from day one.

For more can’t-miss preparation tips, check out this article by Indeed.

5. You Won’t Always be the New Hire

Remember: you won’t always be the new person!

Even if you’re anxious about starting a new job, quell your nerves by reminding yourself your discomfort is only temporary.

This company hired you for many reasons, now you’re going to show them their choice was an excellent one.


Starting a new job is always a nerve-wracking experience.

But before you know it, you’ll be settled in and enjoying each day.

Just follow these tips and relax before starting your new and exciting job. Time will take care of the rest.

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