How to quickly increase the reach of your YouTube channel

Nothing upsets the creator of YouTube videos more than low reach and poor user engagement. Unless you get a lot of dislikes, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

It’s not enough just to create a terrific video, you need to attract people to watch it. All this requires extra effort, time and experience. We’ve put together some simple ways to increase engagement in a short time and with minimal effort.

Presenting our best tiphacks:

1. Add cues to your videos

Oddly enough, many newcomers to YouTube often ignore adding cues to their videos. And for good reason. Cues are a way to get visible results quickly and increase your reach. They can be used to direct the user to your other videos, YouTube channels, or external resources.

  • Types of cues.
  • A video or playlist.
  • Another YouTube channel.
  • A link to an approved site.

You can add a prompt simply by pasting it into an already uploaded YouTube video in the edit section. Remember, you have to join the YouTube affiliate program and add approved external sites to add a prompt. Make your YouTube channel more attractive by getting likes, views, and of course real subscribers. Through, you can get them in any quantity at an attractive price.

2. Make a custom preview for the video.

According to a QuickSprout study, a thumbnail preview on YouTube increases engagement by 154%. Generally, people click on a video if they find the preview relevant or intriguing. YouTube Creator Academy claims that 90% of the most popular videos have engaging quality previews.

You can add a custom preview for your video once your YouTube account is verified. Just make sure to do this before you create clickable thumbnails for your videos. It won’t take long. Verifying your account is an easy enough process that you can get through it in a few minutes.

3. Spend time promoting your video

The best way to increase engagement on YouTube is to get as much attention to your video as possible. More eyes = more views.

Here are a few ways to help you promote your channel:

  • Embed a YouTube video on your blog or website. Readers will be able to go to your channel for more content.
  • Create cards on Pinterest with your YouTube videos and link them together. That’s how you’ll get additional traffic from Pinterest.
  • Share your video previews with your followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also create stories and share them on social media.
  • Partner with Influencers to promote your videos on YouTube. They can add your videos to their websites and social media pages.
  • Promote your post on forums relevant to your videos. Just please try not to spam. This can get your account blocked.

4. Ask your viewers for it.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. As a creator of unique content on YouTube, you can influence your audience. So why not do that? Whether you want more subscriptions, likes or comments, it’s important to be direct about it.

When creating a video, take care to increase engagement:

Ask questions. In the video itself or in the description. So viewers can respond in the comments on the video.

Create a poll. Add a prompt to the video with questions about users’ interests, location, etc. This will help you get to know your audience better.

Ask to share the video. Remind viewers to send the video to their friends if they like it. This may be trivial, but it’s necessary if you want popularity on YouTube.

5. Use tags and keywords

It’s not just about the video title and description. When you upload a video to YouTube, make sure you add the right tags in the appropriate section. Tags serve as metadata for your video and help users find your content in searches, increasing the chances of getting recommended.

Some tips for adding tags to videos:

  • Use YouTube’s suggested options to add popular tags for your topic.
  • Use Google Keyword to find trending tags. Since Google displays relevant videos higher in its search listings, it’s important that they match relevant SEO queries.
  • Use the channel name in the tags so that your other videos are automatically suggested at the end of each video.

Use tags and keywords

What should content be?

Quality, interesting, good content – these are not definitions that are precise enough.

What’s important here is engagement. The system’s algorithms look at what percentage of the audience has seen your video through to the end. Those videos that engage better are ranked higher, shown in recommendations. Look at the stats of your videos. If more than 60 percent of viewers drop out in the first minute, you need to change your subject matter or information presentation.

It’s also important that the video is relevant to the topic of the channel and the interests of your audience. That is, if you have a successful cooking channel and suddenly decide to record a video about how to clip a turtle’s nails – don’t expect good views. The best strategy would be to choose one niche, preferably a small one, and make narrowly focused videos. The number of likes and the number of likes on videos on YouTube is not insignificant. You can buy them through for very little money. There is a choice of likes from a real audience, as well as cheaper positions.


It’s important to design your video well so that it will be seen by your target audience. This process starts with the title. Use a title that has a small but highly relevant audience to see it. For example, if you have a video about assembling furniture from IKEA, don’t call it “assembling furniture.” Better call the video “How to assemble an Ikea pax closet.” A more accurate title that repeats a popular search query is the key to success.

Look, in fact, headlines are so important that if you learn how to pick the right headlines for your niche, it will allow you to attract a huge stream of relevant audiences. There are even videos on youtube about how to pick a headline for a video. Check them out 😉


Remember where we started this conversation? YouTube’s algorithms are similar to Google’s. That said, YouTube has a lot of video and not a lot of text. Text is valued by the system and helps it determine which category a video belongs in.

Pay attention to the first 100 characters – these are the ones that are visible without disclosure.

If your video is longer than 10 minutes, add navigation to the text. Consider the user experience and they will thank you.


Hashtags are a whole science. Paired with clever names, they will give a powerful boost to your channel. In the hashtag box, you have the option to enter up to 500 characters. Use the maximum, but avoid those that are irrelevant to your video. We recommend combining broad hashtags with highly specialized ones. For example, if you’re recording a DOTA2 latsplay, use the broad tags #DOTA2, #latsplay as well as the narrower tags: #5v5 #teamclash #dota2021. Don’t forget to use your own tag. This is important to show to users who have already responded to your video.


Using plugins

If you’re just starting to promote your channel, or have been doing it for a long time, but want to use technical tricks, feel free to use plugins to promote YouTube. There are several of the most popular, with paid subscriptions and with free plans. Plugins help you pick the right tags, headline, and generally help optimize your channel. You can also use them to peek at how your competitors are promoting themselves. If you’re considering your channel as a commercial project, spend a few thousand on a promotion plugin. Good tools are never free.

Scoring comments and likes

If you do SMM and marketing, you know that scamming is always a bad thing. You know? But that’s not really true. Of course, social media always claims to recognize any kind of cheating, but YouTube has its secrets. If you buy 20-30 comments to a video, it can greatly increase the chance of getting into recommended videos and getting more coverage. The cost of one comment on the ordering exchanges starts from 6 rubles. You can combine this technique with targeted advertising, or use it separately.

How to pick a thumbnail for a video

Thumbnails affect how often people will click on your video when it appears in searches or recommendations. Here, as with targeting advertising, there is such a thing as a CTR. And the higher it is, the more likely it is that the video will continue to be promoted organically within YouTube.

How do you choose a punchy thumbnail? Very simple. Look at how your competitors are doing and do even better!


This is a new format for youtube. Shorts are very similar to TikTok. Shorts allow you to gain a large number of subscribers due to the fact that they get a lot more views than other videos. They are more likely to get into recommendations, the format is very actively promoted by the site.

How do you get into rivers shorts? It should be a vertical video that’s less than a minute long. And be sure to add #shorts to the video title. Upload them more often and one out of 10 is sure to shoot and get into recommendations.


From the very first time you watch it on YouTube, watch analytics. Give at least half an hour a day to it. Above are the elements which your promotion will consist of, and you should clearly understand which steps are bringing you subscribers, which videos are successful and which are not, at what second users stop watching videos and why. With analytics, you’ll understand what you can improve, where to go.

YouTube analytics is quite complicated, but if you learn how to “read” it, you’ll know everything about your audience.

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