How to Make Your First Apartment Look Elevated & Cozy?

Decorating your first apartment is a fascinating process and challenging in choosing the right furniture, colors, and other details to make it look elevated and cozy. There are thousands of ideas to furnish your apartment and design the interior that will be fascinating. 

But on the other hand, it is much more desirable to live in an apartment which will also be comfortable, especially if we spend most of our lives (87%) indoors, according to statistics

So, here we have a few valuable tips to help you make your first apartment look elevated and cozy.  

1. Choose the right furniture

The central part of the interior design that makes sense and can wholly change the apartment’s look is the choice of the right furniture. Choose the type of furniture that won’t take up a lot of space and will multitask to holdsave your pottery or other things. 

On the other hand, minimal furniture will free up a lot of space and make the feeling of coziness. 

For example, if you are looking for your first apartment in Los Angeles but don’t have enough time to furnish it correctly, there are thousands of options online of furnished rentals in LA, so you can choose the one that will be comfortable and modern at the same time.

There are also many solutions to make the furniture “invisible.” For example, the bedroom furniture that is not necessary can be located under the bed. 

So, choosing the right furniture will make the apartment look more modern, visually maximize the space, and help organize daily life without difficulties. 

2. Use colors wisely

Colors in the interior are a matter of taste, but designers recommend choosing neutral and bright colors for an apartment, especially for the first one. 

Additionally, it’s essential to choose colors that match together and not mix them carelessly. 

Colors make a mood, so try to choose colors that make sense of freshness, positivity, and a cozy atmosphere. 

Besides that, bright colors visually enlarge the space. On the other hand, so many shades in one place will give the impression of a mess, and you will get tired of them very soon.  

3. Don’t forget about lighting 

The comfort of an apartment depends highly on lighting. In its turn, the lighting of an apartment can be connected to factors like the availability and size of the windows, smart lighting, and the choice of wallpaper colors. The proper lighting will create a feeling of home and comfort, especially if you don’t have so many windows in your apartment. 

Besides that, good lighting increases productivity and conveys a good mood. 

So, while designing your first apartment, pay attention to lighting and research online and in interior design magazines to mix all the components.


To sum up, the interior design of your first apartment is a thrilling experience. 

Of course, there are a lot of details and things to consider while making your dream apartment. But with the essential steps mentioned above, you can create an apartment of your dreams which is very cozy and good-looking. 

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