How to Get Customized Washing Tape

Customized Washing Tape

Customized washing tapes are Durable, and eco-friendly customized washing tapes are the best tape in different ways. Glittery and smooth quality make the tape more demanding compared to other. The colorful product with good adhesion increases the demand and grabs the audience’s attention.

Significance of Role of Customized Washing Tape in Different Industries

Revolutions always take place with the time the same thing is done with the tape industry. Customized washi tapes replace the normal tapes and the demand increases with ht time. Printers has started printed tape in 2016. The revolution should be seen in the industry of tape. This product is commonly used in the making of scrapbook applications. Other multiple industries like the stationery industry and food industry are also interested in using washi tape, so the demand for washi tape is increasing day by day. The customized washi tape is used for professional applications as well as widely used for personal applications also.

Gifts wrapped through the customized tape give an elegant and attractive look. The kids, as well as youngsters, are also attracted. It may help to create a more charming and amazing look.

Professional Use of Washi Tape

If anyone wants to use the customized washi tape professionally, the entire rolls or many rolls are used for this purpose. In this way. There are a lot of rolls are required for professional use. The user places the multiple rolls of tape as per requirement. They are high-quality products and use professional ways in a high level of demand.

Personal Use of Washi Tape

When anyone wants to use the customized tape for personal use there is no need to purchase the entire roll. No doubt, it is too much expensive and when the requirement is not too high then purchasing the entire roll does not make sense.

Setup of washi Tape Dimensions

Before starting to place an order of vograce washi tape or masking tapes the above setups are the basic requirements. First of about the width, resolution and then color profile and height are the main things. Without the above setup, no one gets customized washi tape.


  • Width

It depends on the customer’s choice. 304.8mm is the normal width and common.

  • Resolution

Resolution means the quality of images which should be needed. There is a different kind of software are available which gives quality images with high pixel. The best quality gives a perfect result.

  • Color Profile

Color profile means CMYK. It is used for printing and through this check the file design of washi tape.

Washi Tape Design Tips

  • TIP 1

Photoshop or illustrators are the best soft wares for creating custom washi tape designs. These are the capable programs to check the resolution, color profile, bleed, and measurements.

  • Tip 2

Always be careful about the measurements. Do not forget that washi tapes are always small in size. So, make sure that

  • The design has perfect measurements and sees clearly on such a small scale.
  • Text size is also clear and readable on the scale.
  • The design will become fit within the bleed.
  • Tip 3

For ordering the designing washi tapes make sure that your file is on CMYK. These file types provide perfect and great picture images.

  • Tip 4

Always try to use light colors along with dark ones. This may create amazing and clear contrast. In this way, the design becomes more enhanced and more attractive.

The above tips are the key tricks by which anyone gets customized washi tape with a great and effective style and look.

Things That Design

  • Design logo cards
  • Business card
  • Artwork

There are a lot of other multiple things that can be designed.

Things That Design

How to Make or Get Customized Washing Tape

The making of customized tape is at its peak. Those who want to use customized tape for personal use try to make it.  The process is not too difficult but for the first time, a lit bit of confusion was also created. The following are the basic steps by which anyone gets their customized washing tape. Even kids are also easily learning through the following steps.


Basic materials used in the making of tape are

  • Sandpaper
  • Fabrics
  • Mod podge
  • Masking tape
  • Wax paper


  • Paintbrush
  • Scissor
  • Brayer
  • Iron

Instruction about Steps

Step 1

In the very first step, before the start of making the customized tape wash the fabric and then dry it with an iron.

Step 2

After complete drying, the fabric is placed on wax paper. Prevention for fraying coats the fabric with mode podge. It is the necessary step in every kind of making of customized tape.


Tape on to wax paper with masking tape. After taping try to remove the sheen from the layer it makes the porous and smooth surface so the fabric adheres.

Step 4

apply the light and thin coat of mode podge through the brush.

Step 5

Apply glue to the fabric and then smooth out it with the brayer.

Step 6

Now it is time to dry the fabric. After drying cut it into small and thin strips through the scissor.

Step 7

Cut the fabric and trim the edges of the wax paper.

Step 8

Peel the wax paper strips, to use the washi tapes.

Vograce Washi Tape

The vograce washi tape is not only durable but also more attractive due to the contrast look. Customers that are looking for the tape prefer the vograce due to the high quality. Many other branded washi tapes are also available the vograce washi tape is famous due to the charming look. People want quality and vograce gives quality along with glittery color combination and it makes it more visible in the washi tape industry.

Concluding Remarks,

Customized washi tapes are widely used in a personal and professional manner. The glittery colorful wrapping tapes replace the normal tapes. People also prefer the wrapping of that kind of tape as compared to using gift papers. So, no one denied the demand and popularity of washi tapes.

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