4 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Fencing for Your Backyard

Is your current backyard fence looking worse for wear? Has it reached its lifespan where repairs are no longer an option, and a total replacement is necessary? Before you choose the same type of wooden fence that you have right now, you may want to stop and look into the benefits of vinyl fencing. While it doesn’t usually come to mind first, there are plenty of reasons it could be the perfect material for your backyard fence.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about wooden fencing is its lifespan. The typical wooden fence made from pressure-treated lumber lasts 15-20 years maximum, as long as you maintain it and do the necessary repairs as needed. While that may sound like a long time, most people find that, around the 10-year mark, the fence isn’t looking great.

Then there is the maintenance of wooden fences, which is a lot. They need to be stained or painted about every two years to protect them. They should also be cleaned regularly and repaired as needed. The climate where you live will also determine how much wear and tear the wood endures.

On the flip side, vinyl fencing can last the lifetime of your house; in other words, it won’t break down or become ruined over time. The climate doesn’t affect vinyl and you don’t need to paint or stain it ever. Simply give it a quick wash once in a while, and that’s all it takes.

Choose from a Variety of Colors

Fencing shouldn’t just be viewed as a method to create privacy in the yard, rather it also acts as a design feature. Vinyl fencing can be purchased in all kinds of colors, which makes it possible for you to set a statement and have the fence tie in with the backyard décor and atmosphere. You can choose classic white, an elegant black fence, natural-looking brown or even a pop of color. And again, there is no need to re-paint it down the road as it won’t fade or peel over time.

Pick a Style That Complements Your Home

Just as you can pick a fence in any color, you can also choose different styles. There’s nothing more classic than a white picket fence made from vinyl, providing elegance to your home for decades to come. If you don’t like the look of a picket fence and want more privacy, you can choose a different design such as a semi-private or private one.

Have a Pool? Vinyl Is the Best Option

For homeowners who want to install a fence around a swimming pool, vinyl is perfect since it doesn’t rot or peel. Water splashed on the fence won’t make a difference, and it will continue to look like new.

So, before you rush in and install a new wooden fence, it’s worth looking into vinyl and the many benefits it can offer. There’s a good chance it may be the smarter choice for your home.

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