How to Choose Between Indica and Sativa

Are you trying to choose between indica and sativa?

With more Americans than ever before using marijuana, and an endless selection of enticing THC products on dispensary shelves, the decision can be daunting. What’s more, choose poorly, and you could wind up experiencing the wrong high – glued to your couch when you were hoping to feel energized and creative, or up all night brainstorming when you wanted to sleep.

Sound like a familiar worry? If so, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn all about the different marijuana strains and how to find your perfect fit.

Indica and Sativa Made Easy

No matter what type of marijuana product you’re purchasing, from flower to edibles, concentrates, and beyond – you’re using cannabis from one of two families – indica and sativa. Many hybrids also exist, though few are a perfect balance of both. You’ll still have one dominating strain, and that will determine the effects of your cannabis.

When deciding between sativa vs indica, first consider how you want to feel after using THC.

Generally speaking, sativa is a more creative and “up” high, allowing you to feel social and potentially inspiring you at work and in hobbies. Indica, on the other hand, is more of a “down high that’s helpful for generating appetite and getting to sleep. This is the right choice for a movie night or a relaxed, less social setting.

If you’re looking for a very specific set of benefits from your bud, choose a strain that combines THC with other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, and terpenes. These designer breeds can potentially help with a variety of medical and psychological concerns – and they’re a great way to get a tailor-made high!

Shopping for Quality

Before purchasing any marijuana product, be sure to find out the THC percentage that it contains. This will let you know exactly how powerful an up or down high you’re going to experience. And, be sure to follow proper dosage instructions – at least until you know exactly how taking a specific product makes you feel.

If you’re buying marijuana flower, be sure to look for plush, crystal-coated, sticky buds – and remember, dry weed sucks!

For manufactured products like edibles and concentrates, be sure to check the label for third-party lab testing that verifies its contents. You should also be able to see how much THC each serving contains, and whether it was derived from indica or sativa.

Find Your Best Strain

Now that you’ve mastered the basic differences between indica and sativa, you’re ready to pick a strain and start enjoying the big benefits of THC. Just remember, you should always use new products at home before trying them in public. And, all cannabis should be stored well out of the reach of kids and pets.

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