Designer wedding sarees: The best dhamaka in weddings

Weddings are incredibly meaningful events — and a pivot in one’s life. In India, the wedding ceremony consists of a number of gatherings with elaborate costume preparations. You can go all out and dress in the most opulent outfits on these occasions.

However, choosing an outfit might make you do “phewwww” just thinking about it, and the bride is not exempt from this problem! A fashion fanatic would suggest wearing wedding sarees to the event. The Indian wedding sarees stand out like an unstoppable trend amid the expanding innovations in lehenga cholis, Anarkali suits, and other types of contemporary clothing.

Some Indian designer sarees for wedding

●       Panetar Sarees: Panetar is only worn for weddings. The bride’s maternal uncle customarily presents her with the Gujarati community’s traditional bridal wedding sarees. These wedding sarees are distinguished by their red and white colour scheme and strong gold accents and designs on pure silk. An artistic creation, a panetar.

●       Kanjivaram Sarees: The Kancheepuram Saree, also known as the Kanjivaram sari or Kanjeevaram, is historically woven in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram district. They are frequently referred to as Southern India’s answer to the evergreen Banarasi of the North.

 These exquisite wedding sarees are made of pure mulberry silk and feature a striking interplay of jewel tones and metallic gold and copper hues. The Kanjeevaram wedding sarees are the traditional wedding sarees, used frequently as the bridal attire by brides throughout India. They are typically woven by the Kanchi weavers.

●       Banarasi Sarees: The timeless, always-glistening Banarasi is another popular choice in the category of bridal wedding sarees. Indian weddings are not complete without brocade. In addition to wedding sarees, other garment items like Lehenga Cholis, Salwar Suits, Kurtis, etc. also feature the brocade weave.

 Accessories made of brocade are really popular right now. The Banarasi wedding saree weaving is an elaborate, timeless custom. Indian women appreciate this lavish garment and all of its variations, including wedding sarees made of brocade, tanchoi, tissue, or organza-style kora silk.

●       Paithani Sarees: Marathi/Maharashtrian brides typically wear a Paithani Saree at their weddings. These timeless, elegant handwoven silk wedding sarees are made in Paithan, a town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. These traditional drapes’ defining feature and most noticeable aspect is their vibrant, stunning borders with oblique square patterns. The elaborate motifs and patterns on Pattan or Paithani wedding sarees feature many birds, plants, and animal species.

 To distinguish Paithani wedding sarees from other kinds of silk wedding sarees offered for sale around the nation, weavers additionally use zari yarns to weave patterns inspired by the sculptures and Buddhist artwork found in the Ajanta caves.


E-commerce sites seek to make wedding shopping simpler for you because choosing the ideal wedding saree for a wedding can be a difficult undertaking. You may browse wedding sarees online thanks to internet retailers who gather the latest wedding sarees collection in one location. There are a tonne of designer sarees for wedding events in the web businesses’ extensive collections of marriage sarees.

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