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Welcome to Coffee Meets Bagel! A modern-day matchmaking service that has become an increasingly popular way of helping singles find their perfect partner. In this piece, we’ll outline the history and story of how Coffee Meets Bagel grew from a tiny San Francisco startup into one of today’s major tech success stories, along with highlighting its current net worth. Read on to discover the fascinating story behind this unique dating experience and get up to speed with the inspiring business venture now worth millions!

Coffee Meets Bagel is a popular online dating app that has connected an estimated 20 million users around the world since its launch in 2012. As more people flock to digital platforms for connecting and forming meaningful relationships, Coffee Meets Bagel has become an increasingly attractive option with its unique approach to matching based on values and interests. Its streamlined interface eliminates swiping fatigue whilst enhancing privacy features, providing customised connection opportunities ideal for finding serious relationships. In recognition of such success, we’re delighted to reveal today the latest developments surrounding coffee meets bagel net worth.

Everyone knows the power of a good cup of coffee. For many people, it’s their daily pick me up, and for some, even a way to start their day off on the right foot. But did you know that there’s one app out there that has managed to combine everyone’s favourite morning beverage with an incredibly successful business model? That app is Coffee Meets Bagel and in this post, we’ll take a look at not only what makes Coffee Meets Bagel such an incredible success but also its worth in terms of dollars and cents. So grab your favourite mug, drop in your favourite blend, and let’s explore the net worth story behind this revolutionary dating app!

About the Founders

Dawoon, Arum, and Soo Kang are sisters who immigrated from Korea as teenagers. In the United States, they received a top-notch education. Soo went to Harvard University, Arum attended Stanford University, and Dawoon graduated from the Parsons School of Design.

One day, the three of them talked about the difficulties of meeting people through online dating. They concluded there were more innovative ways to run a dating app that could provide better matches.

This was how they came up with Coffee Meets Bagel. The Kang siblings already had well-paying jobs, but they all decided to quit to give their idea a better chance of succeeding.

Beginning of the journey

The Kang sisters generated the idea of opening a site for people who have lost hope and faith in relationships and love. They wanted to help people in finding the right person through the app. Thus, they launched the app ‘Coffee Meets Bagel’ on 17 April 2012.

Through the app, a person can find his potential partner from his Facebook account.

Growth and recognition

From the very beginning, the company said that they had raised seed funding of $600000. The co-founder of invested money for Coffee Meets Bagel too.

At first, they were New York city-based, later they launched their company in Boston and San Francisco. They even appeared in an episode of Shark Tank. 

They made an offer of getting a $500000 investment, in return they will provide 5% of their business. This intrigued Mark Cuban, and he offered the sisters $30 million for the whole business.

Surprisingly the Kang sisters declined the offer. However, they continue growing and launched their company in Sydney and Hong Kong in 2015.

Awards and Achievements

Coffee Meets Bagel has been recognized across the industry for its innovative approach to creating meaningful relationships. They have won awards such as The Best Dating App of 2019 from The American Business Awards, the Top Innovator in Online Personals Award at The iDate Awards, and they have even earned awards from the Webby Awards, including the People’s Voice award for Social: Best Relationship Building Service. Through its many achievements, Coffee Meets Bagel strives to make finding the perfect match easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Net Worth

According to recent research, it is estimated that Coffee Meets Bagel’s net worth is $150 million. among strong competition, the company was able to raise a great fund of $7.8 million. Thus, not accepting the $500000 investment was not a bad decision for the Kang sisters.


Over a short period, Coffee Meets Bagels got huge responses from people around the world. From 2012 to 2021, almost 8 million users were connected to the app. They are one of the top-ranked dating apps.


Does Coffee Meets Bagel make money?

Aside from selling beans, CMB earns from paid subscriptions: access to other profiles’ stats costs about 33 dollars per month. The startup’s revenue is almost USD 10M per year, the vast majority coming from the USA.

Did Coffee Meets Bagel become successful?

Coffee Meets Bagel has become one of the fastest-growing social media services in the world. Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating app that has made a fortune for its billion introductions and matches to date.

Who owns Coffee Meets Bagel?

Arum Kang came up with the idea for Coffee Meets Bagel during an MBA at Harvard Business School. She was one of a handful of students from the HBS MA class of 2011 to go on to start their own business. Today, Coffee Meets Bagel services globally.


When it comes to online dating, people often have strong opinions about which site is best for them. While Coffee Meets Bagel may not be the most well-known dating site, it has a loyal following of users who believe in its mission to create meaningful connections. And with a reported net worth of $30 million, it’s clear that the company is doing something right. So if you’re looking for a new dating app to try.

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