Can you buy a St Lucia’s passport?

In 2015, the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme was introduced. The «Law on Citizenship by Investment» and its by-laws govern the procedures for getting a second passport. 

St. Lucia citizenship by investment, an applicant may need a minimum of $100,000 cost. Applicants have four options: contribute to the state fund, acquire real estate, buy bonds, or engage in a company.

Bond and real estate investments can be recovered within 5–7 years of obtaining citizenship.

Citizenship is granted to investors through a streamlined process. They are not required to get a residency visa, live in the nation, or pass a language proficiency exam.

Citizenship is granted to the primary applicant’s spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, provided they are listed in the application.

What benefits does Saint Lucian citizenship provide?

1 No-visa travel to Europe and Asia

Passport holders from Saint Lucia may travel visa-free to 145 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Schengen nations, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

2 ten-year tourist visas to the United States

Citizens of Saint Lucia can apply for a 10-year B-1/B-2 visa in the United States. It permits them to spend up to six months in the United States each year. Passport holders from Saint Lucia can travel to the United States for tourism, and business meetings, attend and participate in conferences, and be treated at medical clinics in the United States.

3 International business registration

Investors can establish firms in Saint Lucia, making it easier to create accounts for international transactions and settle with international partners in foreign currencies. To safeguard the beneficial owner’s identity and privacy, their personal information is not placed into the company’s business registration.

4 Tax reduction

There is no tax on worldwide income, inheritance, capital gains, or income in Saint Lucia. Employees pay 5% of their salaries in social security contributions.

An investor’s expenses

Investors have four investing options: contribute to a government fund, buy government bonds, acquire real estate, or participate in the business.

  • Donation, that is non-refundable


A non-refundable donation to Saint Lucia’s National Economic Fund.

  • Purchasing bonds


Investors can purchase Covid-19 Relief Bonds for $250,000 until December 31, 2022. This is a limited-time promotion with a 50% discount. The conventional option involves the purchase of $500,000 in government bonds.

The bonds can be fully redeemed and the money returned to the investor after 5–7 years.

  • Purchase of real estate


The size of the investment is unrelated to the composition of the family. The investment can be repaid after 5 years by selling the property.

A non-refundable state fee of at least $30,000 is also required.

  • Business Investment

One million dollars

Investment in a business initiative sanctioned by the government. The minimum investment for an individual investor is $3.5 million.

It is also feasible to make a group investment of at least $6 million. In this situation, each participant’s minimum stake is $1 million.

The administrative price is $50,000, with a $25,000 surcharge for each family member.


It is not necessary to live in Saint Lucia. Applications for the St Lucia Citizenship Investment Programme take 3-4 months on average to process and can be submitted remotely. A family application might include dependent children, siblings, and parents. In all circumstances, additional government, professional, and due diligence expenses apply. Contact our advisers for more information and a comprehensive, personalised quote.

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