5 Common Boat Problems and How to Identify Them

Did you know that in 2019, the leisure boat market exceeded $33 billion and is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 4% in the next couple of years? This value shows how big the market is and how in-demand leisure boats are.

Boating is fun for the whole family, but many newbies don’t realize how much maintenance is required to keep one healthy. Read below for five common boat problems and how to fix them!

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Rust Issues

Probably one of the biggest boat issues that boat owners face is rust. Rust issues aren’t that common in freshwater sources, but if you have a boat on the ocean, it can become a major issue.

The first major part of rust is the propeller of the boat. The propeller can get to a point where it doesn’t turn anymore. In order to beat the rust, make sure you flush your engine after every use and wash the salt off your propeller. This process needs to be an integral part of your boat maintenance checklist!

Trim That Gets Stuck

The trim system on a boat that raises and lowers the engine height relevant to the water is usually a hydraulic system. If your trim is stuck, it could either be a blown fuse or, not so common, a problem with the hydraulic system.

Most boats are equipped with a release valve to release the pressure and manually tilt your engine. After that, take it to a specialist to be repaired.

Overheating Engines

Boat engines rely on water flow to cool the engine down. If you find your temperature gauge going up, the most probable cause is a blockage in your cooling loop.

Simply locate the cooling loop in your hull, unblock the holes, and the temperature of the engine will return to normal.

Strong Vibrations

Rust is only one of the common boat issues that your propeller can experience. Rocks and debris can hit your propeller, causing it to chip and become unbalanced. If you find your boat engine vibrating intensely while you accelerate, then your prop could be the culprit.

Boat workshops can repair and balance the propeller for you, but some might be too far gone and will need to be replaced.

Losing Power

Pretty much like any engine, a boat engine can begin to show signs of wear and loose power. This problem is usually because of a clogged filter or a dead spark plug.

In order to keep your boat running smoothly, service the engine yearly or after many hours of use. For an in-depth look into further boat problems, find more info here.

Boat Problems: A Thing of the Past

Boats do require lots of maintenance, but by servicing and regular maintenance, major boat problems will become a thing of the past. Staying ahead of maintenance is the key to a long, fruitful journey with your boat.

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