Budget home decor- Vibrant cushion covers that suit every budget

I’m often asked by people at home-decorating fairs how they can update their interiors on a budget. With an average UK household now spending £2,038 per year on clothes (£145 per month), food shopping (£103) and holidays (£85) it’s easy to see that decorating the home is low down on the scale of priorities for many cash-strapped households – so I always try to come up with some clever suggestions for budget revamps. Of course one way of saving money is to shop around for good-quality items that have been discounted or are being sold ‘as seen’ on eBay/Free cycle. A cushion cover is a great way of adding colour and texture to a room without breaking the bank.

Here are some of my favorite cushion covers that suit every budget:

1)  How about 30p cushion covers from Wilkinson’s?

Wilkinson cushion cover, £0.30 each

OK so this isn’t strictly ‘home decor’ but you can find some amazing bargains in discount stores – especially cushion covers which tend to be lower-priced items in any store. Today I popped into Wilko’s where they only cost 30p each! Yes – it sounds unbelievable but these cushion covers are well made, good quality cotton with an invisible zip at the back and nice frilly edges – what more do you need?

2)  Kmart cushion covers have a quirky design

Kmart cushion cover, £4.99 each

If you’d prefer to splash out on cushion covers that are a little bit different then I would recommend checking out the range at Kmart. Yes they may cost slightly more than 30p but they’re still great value for money and have a very unique look about them with their double-layered fabric and contrasting buttons. Plus there’s quite a large selection of designs to choose from – all of which can be clicked onto a cushion pad for easy cushion-making.   See cushion here.

3)  B & M Bargains cushion covers give a really soft hand feel…

B & M cushion cover, £1.99 each

…and this cushion cover from B & M Bargains features a really soft velvet fabric that has a lovely drape. The cushion is well made with a zip at the side and it’s fully washable too – making it the perfect cushion for the kids’ room as all those inevitable spills can be sponged off easily!   See cushion here.

4)  Wilko cushion covers have beautiful frilly edging

Wilko cushion cover, 79p each

If you’re looking for something slightly more traditional then check out these stunning cushion covers from Wilko (the dark blue and red tartan design above and below) which only cost 79p each – bargain! They fit onto a cushion pad really easily and have a lovely frilly trim which gives them an instant luxe look.

5)  B & M cushion covers are well made at a very reasonable price…

B & M cushion cover, £1.99 each

…and don’t forget to check out the cushion covers at B&M Bargains too where you can often find great value cushion pouches that come in large sizes – making them ideal for covering your whole sofa or bed! This blue velvet cushion below is made of cotton/polyester mix with an invisible zip closure. It’s fully washable and dryer safe too so it’s great for kids’ rooms as spills will wash off easily.

See cushion here.

6)  Primark cushion covers look good with a simple square/rectangular design

Primark cushion cover, £2 each

If you’re looking for cushion covers that give a bit more of a modern look then check out these cushion covers from Primark which have an understated square/rectangular design in plain colours – they’d be perfect to add under the sofa or on single beds.   See cushion here.

7)  TK Maxx cushion covers come with their own slipcovers…

TK Maxx cushion cover, £5.99 each

…and if you’d prefer something even easier to fit onto your cushions then check out these TK Maxx cushion covers which have a cushion cover and cushion slipcover all in one! This cushion has a pretty floral print on the front with little bugle beading embellishments which give it an expensive look. It’s so well made too – I love how they’ve cleverly hidden the cushion pad within the cushion itself which means there’s no need to use separate cushion pads making them super-easy to fit onto your cushions (just add or remove as you like). The cushion pad is polyester and the cushion cover is cotton.

8)  Ikea cushion covers come in varied designs…

Ikea throw cushion, €1 each

…and if you’re looking for something really affordable then check out these cushion covers from Ikea where you can often find cushion covers selling for just €1 each. This cushion cover below has an adorable print with little flaps to tuck in your cushion pad (so it doesn’t slip out) and the cushion itself is made of polyester.


Cushion covers are generally priced around £5 each – or come in packs of two for under £10. You can also buy cushion covers with inserts which make it really easy to be able to take the cushion cover off by simply taking out the cushion pad/filling and putting back in when you want to wash it. The cushion fillings are usually made of polyester but there are also feather cushion pad fillings available. Ikea also do a number of cushion designs that have zip closures too (making them easier to fit onto your cushion). Just remember that cushion sizes vary so always check your cushion measurements before making any purchases!

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