A Sneak Peek at 5 Celebrities and Their Expensive Cars

Celebrities are renowned for their expensive lifestyles, with lavish La-La Land homes and a unique range of exotic cars filling their driveways. With this in mind, we take a glimpse at five celebrities and their expensive motors.

Flo Rida – Golden Bugatti Veyron

When car enthusiasts hear the work Bugatti, their ears perk up because they know how speedy this vehicle is – capable of reaching 60mph in 2.5 seconds. When rapper Flo Rida got his hands on this beauty, for an eyewatering $1.7 million, it stood majestically on his drive with a pearlescent white finish. Eventually, he took the Bugatti to Florida Metro Wrapz and had the car coated completely with gold chrome.

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Kanye West – Lamborghini Aventador

Controversial rapper and celeb personality, Kanye West, was gifted a Lamborghini Aventador by Kim Kardashian on his 35th birthday. Coming in at a whopping price of $750K, this car takes just 2.8 seconds to reach 62mph and has a top speed of 217mph.

When the rapper’s car arrived, the Lamborghini had a gloss black finish, but Kanye being Kanye needed to take this a step further and transformed the vehicle with a matte black finish; the exotic car looked worthy of the Gotham Crusader by the time Kanye was done with it.

Steven Tyler – Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder broke new ground back in March 2016 when it broke the world record for the fastest open-top sports car, reaching a blistering 265.6mph. Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler was the very first person to own the car, paying out an impressive $1.1 million. As well as being a speed demon on the road, his record-breaking car sports stylish black leather interiors lined with red stitching.

Jay-Z – Maybach Exelero

Staying in the world of music, rap super Jay-Z makes a statement with his Maybach Exelero, which is one of the rarest motors worldwide ($7-8 million). Although not the fastest car on the list, reaching 60mph in 4.4 seconds, this is only because it weighs a hefty 2.6 tons. The rapper isn’t shy about showing off his Maybach Exelero, featuring in the music video for Otis – a collaboration with Kanye West.

Beyoncé Knowles – 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible

Moving away from sporty speed kings, we arrive at a well-kept antique vehicle in the shape of Beyonce’s 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce Convertible, which she paid $1 million for. Hats off to our favorite “single lady” for keeping the original leather seats intact. Alongside her Rolls-Royce, she has a range of expensive cars in her garage, and her mood dictates the motor she drives.

There’s no denying that celebrities love expensive cars – you only have to take a look at this list. Interestingly, the most expensive cars on the road belong primarily to singers.

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