9 Tips to Catch the Rarest Pocket Monsters in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is still one of the most popular online games from across the globe. Over the years, the excitement and satisfaction the hunt gives remain. Players love the elusive moments of stumbling upon rare pocket monsters. And there are some changes you need to go through as the game evolves, so prepare for these.

A plethora of various Pokemon is available for every player to catch. However, it’s not easy to get or even come across them in the wild. It can be frustrating for some, while for others, they’re lucky enough to get a hold of the rare characters quickly. It might be a tough job, but here are some useful tips on how to catch the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

1. Keep Hatching Eggs as Much as You Can

The easiest way to find and get rare Pokemon is to hatch eggs. It means you have to hatch as many eggs as possible while playing the game. Simply pick them up from PokeStops all over the place that allows you to hold a maximum of nine eggs at a time. Remember, before you can begin hatching, you must have an Incubator. In addition, the eggs come in various sizes—2 km, 5 km, and 10 km. Just walk around while the app is open to count towards the distances needed to hatch eggs.

2. Level up Yourself for More Rare Pocket Monsters

The rarity of the Pokemon you encounter is connected with your Trainer level. Once you have a higher Trainer level, you’ll get more opportunities to catch rare Pokemon. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to level up your Trainer level in this game, so you just need to play Pokemon GO more often. If you badly want to catch the rarest pocket monsters, then keep on playing and hunting for them. Spend time checking out PokeStops and making new friends to Increase your abilities and improve your Trainer score. 

3. Get Medals for a Catch Bonus

If you earn medals in this game, you’ll get a catch bonus. It helps catch rare Pokemon, so be sure to keep an eye on your medals and complete them to get more catch bonuses. Once you catch certain types of Pokemon and finish a medal challenge, you get a catch bonus for that kind of Pokemon. It can pay big when you’re hunting for rare Pokemon later on.

4. Go to Landmarks

There’s no need to go to other countries to get rare pocket monsters. Wherever you live, most likely you have some parks, landmarks, or someplace noteworthy near you. These are the locations where you can find the strongest Pokemon since they have a high spawn point, which means more Pokemon appear at a time. More so, this heightens your chance of coming across the rarest Pokemon, thus, visit these landmarks more often.

5. Try the Buddy System

Pokemon Go has a Buddy system, which you can use to catch rare pocket monsters. Tap your little face in the bottom left-hand corner and click the burger menu in the bottom right to get yourself a new Poke BFF. Then you’ll see a new option for a buddy that allows you to choose the Pokemon from your collection that you want to have as your friend. By doing so, you can collect candies the more you walk. The distance you have to walk depends on the Pokemon you have chosen as a buddy.

6. Stay On the Move

As we all know, Pokemon GO is all about moving. Make it a point to check nearby Pokemon and familiarize yourself with the silhouettes of rare pocket monsters while on the move. Keep on walking and hunting for Pokemon when you’re out and about, so you’ll get a chance to get the rarest kinds. If they don’t spawn on your regular routes, it’s time to search for new areas around you then you might find one.

7. Utilize Common Poke-Sense

The chances of finding a certain Pokemon are random. There are specific places where you can find particular types of pocket monsters, so it’s best to use common Poke-sense. You can spot water Pokemon around water, land Pokemon in grassy areas, psychic Pokemon in cemeteries, and so on. If you’re quite adventurous, then you’ll locate rare pocket monsters in unusual places. 

8. Head to Verified Nest Rotations

With many random elements, you can easily see the pattern in Pokemon GO. Its nests system can help you in catching the rarest Pokemon. The nests can see bunches of these Pokemon in the same areas over and over again. That’s why you have to keep an eye on these patterns in your space. Also, these nest rotations appear in parks and have a high spawn rate. There’s no need to travel far, for these nests update weekly. You may check the Nest Rotation schedule online to easily access what Pokemon you might catch.

9. Participate in Raids

Snag rare, powerful Pokemon during raids. However, these raids are one of the toughest in the game and require groups of players to participate to win. A raid is live if you see an egg above a gym. It means there is presently a high-level beast occupying it. Moreover, battling these Pokemon needs multiple players to attack at once. When they’re defeated, every player will get a chance to catch a copy of the raid boss.


Pokemon has been a part of many people’s childhood days. And now that there’s a video game called Pokemon GO, it brings back all the good memories. Playing this game is so much fun to do, especially when you’re not busy and just want to unwind even for a time. You can also get hooked on catching all the Pokemon, particularly the rare kinds. The rarest Pokemon are the hardest to find and get. But these tips mentioned above will help you snag them. Simply try these things out now and you can obtain the rarest pocket monsters in Pokemon GO! And if you want to be updated with more games, visit CellularNews.com today!

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