7 things that were better than in GTA 4!

Despite the enormous success and the playful qualities, GTA IV leads a rather poor existence among fans. Although the adventure around the Serbian immigrant Nikolai “Niko” Bellic improved some core elements of the series, we remembered the adventure far less than GTA III or Vice City.

But the adventures of Niko and his cousin Roman in New York-like Liberty City had much more on the box than you can see at first glance. Here are 7 things that were better in GTA IV than in GTA V! The best review about GTA from Gamesrift

1. The police

The law enforcement officers react much more realistically to your behavior in GTA IV. While they put them in GTA V in just a few seconds for your mere existence, you were even allowed to bump them into them in the predecessor. Although they didn’t find that very tingling even then, they don’t go to prison for it. In addition, the police even arrest your fellow human beings after a brawl instead of shooting them immediately.

2. Fist fights lasted longer

This one passer-by who looks at you with the wrong look. It smells like trouble! Fist fights in GTA V are boring, as the NPCs give up after just one blow. In the predecessor, on the other hand, you were able to organize real boxing matches on the open street and even supposedly helpless victims could become dangerous to you. This not only looked funny, but was also much more fun.

3. Better driving physics

Sure, GTA V offers countless cool vehicles. The impressive fleet can even match current racing simulations. But GTA IV had better driving physics at the time. The steering was much more realistic and felt smoother. The damage model was also much more realistic: If you touch an obstacle with the left side of your car, only this side dents. If you catch a flat tire, you can watch the air slowly escape. In any case, playing around with the cars and the damage model was much more fun in GTA IV.

4. More realistic movements

GTA IV relied on a unique physics engine to realistically simulate human movements. Why the Euphoria Engine in the form was not used in the successor is unclear to us. The engine simulates the muscles and nervous system of the human body and thus creates incredibly detailed movements. This also makes blows and shots much more realistic, for example.

But the Euphoria Engine not only had an impact on the fights, but also provided some funny moments. For example, if you stagger through the streets of Liberty City with your friends after a drink. All movements were not pre-rendered, but calculated by the engine in real time while you play.

5. NPCs react more realistically

You know that: You are standing on the street in GTA V to check your smartphone, and a mobbing passer-by comes around the corner who pushes you away, yells at you or challenges you to a duel. The behavior of passers-by, on the other hand, was much more realistic in the predecessor, as they continued to pursue their lives, although you dared to penetrate their territory.

6. Climbing

Sometimes it’s the little things in life. Do you know that? While fleeing from the police in GTA V, your cart gives up the ghost, so it continues on foot. You run through narrow side streets and suddenly land in front of an insurmountable fence. Niko Bellic, on the other hand, was able to easily overcome even half-height obstacles. Window sill? Awnings? Or the jump from a roof to a fire ladder? No problem for the Serb. Michael, Franklin and Trevor can’t keep up.

7. The friendships

“Niko! It’s your cousin’s novel! Let’s go bowling!”

One of the most famous quotes the GTA series has ever produced. Although your cousin’s calls in GTA IV were quite annoying, the idea was simply brilliant in retrospect. Friendships and relationships lasted much longer at the time than just for a few missions like in GTA V. Playing a round of billiards with Little Jacob or riding a powerboat with Brucie was a welcome change from the hard everyday life of gangsters.

In addition, you were allowed to compete for the love of a potential girlfriend in GTA IV. If your beloved entered into a relationship with you, even special abilities beckoned, which were extremely helpful, especially in the later missions. Where is this feature with you, GTA V?

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