5 Websites To Download Bollywood Movies For Free

If you’re bored of Hollywood and want to watch movies from a different culture, Bollywood has got you covered. Bollywood, as an industry, is almost as big as Hollywood. The only difference is that it can sometimes go over the top. It’s like watching Michael Bay on steroids. But that’s what makes the movies so good. They are cringy, over the top, and will make you laugh, regardless of how serious the movie is supposed to be.

But you’re not into paying subscription services and have no idea where to download Bollywood movies for free. What can you do about it? Well, one thing to do is to read this article to the end, as we’ll give you the X websites you should be using to download Bollywood movies for free.

MP4 Mania

MP4 Mania is one of the most popular websites to download Bollywood movies. The great thing about the website is that it gives you options when it comes to resolution. You can download any Bollywood movie in any supported resolution. If the movie has a 4K version, you will be able to download it.

Another great thing about MP4 Mania is that it is user-friendly and highly optimized. You’ll have no trouble getting around the website and searching for your favorite Bollywood flicks. It has a huge library of content that includes movies and television series.

To put it simply, MP4 Mania is a hub for Bollywood content. And the best part about it is that it is completely free.


CoolMovies shares a similar reputation as MP4 Mania. The only difference is that the platform got recently banned in India. So if you want to download Bollywood movies from India, it’s best to use a VPN. But there’s a better option that doesn’t require you to purchase a VPN service. CoolMovies has many proxy websites that bypass these bans.

To know more about that, check out these CoolMovies proxies. On the website itself, downloading is fairly straightforward. You don’t need to create an account or pay. The website is completely free and has a huge library of Bollywood content. You can download the latest blockbuster Bollywood movies, such as Bachchhan Paandey, or watch your favorite Bollywood soap operas. The website is easy to use and allows downloading content in a variety of resolutions.

My Download Tube

My Download Tube is yet another excellent alternative to download Bollywood movies for free. The website’s design is gorgeous. You can easily mistake My Download Tube for a streaming service – it’s that good-looking. Another thing that separates My Download Tube from others on this list is that you can also download Hollywood movies. Some of the additions on this list have huge libraries of Hollywood content, but My Download Tube has both Hollywood and Bollywood titles.

With all that said, My Download Tube is a service. It requires creating an account, which might not please some of you. However, we can safely say that creating an account gives you access to a 14-day trial version. In that time, download all the Bollywood movies and cancel your account. It isn’t as straightforward as some other websites, but there are no annoying ads. So it might be worth going for the trial account.

Kat Movies

A website that gives you access to all the Bollywood blockbuster movies such as Mardaani 2, Saaho, Commando 3, and more, Kat Movies is, by far, one of the better alternatives. Kat Movies is the website you should use if you’re an English speaker. You can download Bollywood movies for free and even use the dubbed version if you don’t like subtitles.

For Indian users, Kat Movies also has dubbed versions of Hollywood movies, which also eliminates the use of subtitles. All in all, Kat Movies is free, doesn’t require creating an account, and allows downloading Bollywood movies in a variety of resolutions. The user interface is solid, the website looks good, and is very fast.

HD Movies Maza

A website with a very straightforward interface and even simpler design, HD Movies Maza is the website that even your uncle can use. The design of the website is minimalistic, simplistic, and anyone can navigate it. Search for the Bollywood title you want and choose from the links. You can download movies in any resolution, and for free. The website has a simple menu that allows you to pick your favorite Bollywood titles. From movies to television series, HD Movies Maza has it all.

Ads can be annoying at some times, but the website is free and that’s worth getting annoyed for.

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