Why Maps and Map Art Are Good Souvenirs For Travelers

Visiting different places and countries is always an exceptional experience. Those who have the means and the time to globe trot often say that seeing different people and discovering different cultures are one of the most worthwhile endeavors someone can embark on.

Of course, traveling to a new place is exciting, but how do you keep all those memories with you even after you have gone back home? Pictures and videos are one thing, but an even more tangible keepsake can be had in the form of souvenirs.

What are souvenirs?

Souvenirs are always unique to each culture, and souvenirs sold at popular tourist centers in different countries often showcase something special about the country. An artistic replica of the country you have visited could be a souvenir piece worth considering. These items are usually easy to come by when you’re traveling in most countries as a tourist. They are inexpensive and can be found in numerous beautiful designs.

But have you ever thought of getting a map of the countries and cities you’ve visited? Most souvenir shops usually have art pieces that replicate the home country in some form or another. They make for tasteful home décor pieces, and a collection gathered from different countries could be a good idea to create a wall art gallery.

You can get souvenir map replicas

Souvenir map replicas come in a wide variety of shapes. These map art designs can be embroidered, sewn, or crocheted onto many fabrics, or they can be carved out of wood. From topographic relief replicas of Japan and its many islands to a beautiful hand-carved block displaying Ukraine to a hand-stitched scarf with Mother Russia displayed prominently at its center, the possibilities are endless.

The material used and the design displayed will differ from one country to another based on the culture and its traditions. This means that making a collection of map replicas from many different countries will make for a good showcase of the different cultures from whatever regions you have visited.

There is a company based in Sweden called Mapiful that makes custom map posters of any country, city or suburb in the world, rendered in a beautiful design that makes for a stylish and artistic art piece. There are other such businesses that offer similar products. Some use recycled metal or other materials to make intricate 3D renditions of geographic locations.

Getting a map souvenir could be a memorable reminder of the experiences you have enjoyed in that country that will last for a long time.

It is very easy to pay a visit to a country as a tourist and purchase the usual t-shirt or such as a souvenir. But making the extra effort to purchase handmade souvenirs like this from local vendors is often worth it. These vendors will often have map souvenirs at very cheap prices to sell at any of the popular tourist attractions in any country. Patronizing these local vendors not only gives you a memorable art piece but gives them a source of revenue and helps them directly.

If you’d like to find out more and see what map prints you could get, click here for more ideas.

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