Why Lab Grown Diamonds are the Future of Diamonds in McKinney

The source for naturally-mined diamonds is decreasing, that’s why scientists came up with the lab diamonds. Some say lab diamonds are fake but they are not. They are considered real diamonds but only made in a different way. Lab diamonds were also created to have a more environmentally friendly way of getting that luxurious jewelry without having to harm the environment. Since mined diamonds involve digging layers of the earth’s surface, maybe lab diamonds can change this issue. Try Mckinney wholesale lab-grown diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds in McKinney and how are they made?

Lab diamonds are diamonds created in the laboratory by specialists and scientists. Lab diamonds are made of crystallised carbon atoms that have the same composition that is present in pure diamonds. That’s why they have identical properties once lab diamonds are created. There are several ways how lab diamonds are made and here are some of the common processes:

High Pressure plus High Temperature

Just like naturally mined diamonds the way that they are made is also copied when making lab diamonds. Special equipment is used such as belt [ress or cubic presses. During the process, a temperature of over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit is used plus pressure of approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch is applied to create the atoms into a diamond. 

Chemical Vapor Deposition

A small diamond seed is planted in a sealed chamber that is then heated at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit plus filled with carbon-rich gases such as methane and hydrogen. This process will break down the molecular bond of the gas. Once it’s broken pure carbon sticks to the seed and forms into a diamond. 

How do they compare to natural diamonds in terms of quality and price point?


Natural diamonds are more pricey since the process is more intense and the time of creation is far much longer than that of the lab diamonds. The effort and equipment used are also far more expensive than the one used on lab-grown diamonds. Natural diamonds are more expensive by 50% or more compared with the price of lab diamonds due to the reason stated earlier. 

Resale Value

When it comes to resale value a diamond is evaluated by its 4cs, rarity, and origin. Naturally mined diamonds or lab-grown diamonds may have the same resale value not by price but by the factor they are counted in. For instance, rare diamonds can have a higher resale value despite their naturally mined diamonds or lab diamonds. However, the resale value is based on the 4cs of the diamond and based on the price of each diamond, which means naturally mined diamonds can still get a higher resale value because it has a higher price.  

Who are the main consumers of lab-grown diamonds, and why do they prefer them over natural diamonds?

Most jewellers, even the popular ones, are into selling lab-grown diamonds to their customers. Since the demons are getting higher and selling more affordable diamonds are being patronised by buyers then they have to add lab-grown diamonds to their products. There are a lot of reasons why they are into selling lab-grown diamonds and here are some:

Lab-grown diamonds can be produced faster 

Since the lab-grown diamonds can be made in 6 to 10 weeks compared with the period natural diamonds are made. This means lab-grown diamonds can be able to produce more and meet the demand for diamonds in the market. 


Getting lab-grown diamonds is cheaper and selling them at lower prices can attract more buyers. Despite the fact that they are lab diamonds some buyers are still fine with it. This can also make their profit faster despite getting lower profit from lab-grown diamonds. 

So why lab-grown diamonds the future of diamonds in McKinney? Diamonds have been in demand decades ago and until now despite their prices. So lab-grown diamonds can be the best alternative to meet the demands and at the same time still satisfy the wants of the buyer. Since lab-grown diamonds have a similar composition to naturally mined diamonds, customers will still be loving them. PLus the fact that they can save money and still get the grades they want for their diamonds. 

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