Who Are the Most Common Victims of Domestic Violence?

Domestic abuse: findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales -  Office for National Statistics

Domestic violence is the most heinous act, and various laws oppose it at its root. It is an act where there is pushing and hitting the partner or the kids in case of an argument. The leading causes for such incidents are heated arguments, the influence of alcohol, child custody, or any other situation in which the partner is trying to get a favorable position. 

There are hundreds of cases yearly of such heinous acts, and one common thing in most cases is that there are some common victims in domestic violence cases. So, in this article, we will study who the common victims are and how you can deal with them. Various domestic violence attorneys deal with such cases, whom you can consult for a better understanding of the law. Let’s begin our discussion about what domestic violence is and who the most common victims are. 

What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic violence is an act of violence or threat that can cause harm to a partner or a child. It causes severe pain physically and mentally and leaves a lasting psychological mark on a person. While defining the victim in a domestic violence case, it is essential to understand the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. 

Who are the most common victims of domestic violence? 

  • Women: Since history began, we have seen women as the most vulnerable in domestic violence cases. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCDAV) reports, around one in four women suffer physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, and other types of domestic violence. In most cases, the main inflictors of violence are intimate partners; therefore, sometimes it is not reported to save the relationship. 
  • Children: It is also noticed that children in the house are also victims of domestic violence. If there is any heated argument between partners, the more aggressive one can show violence to every family member, and children are the next vulnerable person. 
  • Men: Domestic violence is also inflicted on men. As per reports, around one in nine men faces domestic violence for various reasons. However, this number shows that women face more violence than men, but it does not deny that men also suffer violence. 
  • Elderly People: Violence is inflicted chiefly on people who are vulnerable and who are unable to respond to violence. Therefore, older people in the house can also become targets of these violent activities. 

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