Where to Buy Flag Pole: A Guide

Are you proud to live in this country? Are you proud to call this the place where you get to live, work, and raise your family?

If so, then you should be willing to put the pride on display to encourage others to celebrate their liberties and freedom in this great country. And one of the best ways to display your pride, and to encourage others to feel that pride as well, is with a flagpole.

Wondering where to buy flag pole kits and accessories? If you own your home or a local business, there’s no reason not to install a permanent, easy-to-use flagpole. You need to know where to find flag poles for sale.

After all, they can be quite large, meaning that many normal stores won’t carry them. Keep reading to learn where you can buy flag pole kits and accessories today, so you can put your pride on display tomorrow.

Types of Flag Pole

The type of flag pole you are interested in installing on your property will determine where you’re likely to find one to purchase. There are many different ways to raise a flag, so you need to have an idea of what you are looking for.

The most patriotic is a large, outdoor flagpole installed on the ground. These will house a flag above the roof of your home, ensuring your flag can be seen from all around the neighborhood.

Luckily, these are easier to install than ever before. Modern outdoor flagpoles are typically telescoping poles, meaning that you can extend them to your desired height, upwards of 25 feet, with ease. With a flag pole kit, you’ll get mounting hardware to secure the pole into the ground for a quick install.

Not looking for a full-length pole? You can also get a flag pole holder that you can affix to a wall, a post, or other permanent structure. That way you can buy a small bracket to attach to the wall and purchase a small flag pole to insert into the bracket. Because these are much smaller, they can often be found at a local store.

Or are you looking for a small, standalone, indoor flagpole with a floor base? Again, these smaller types of poles can often be found in other locations that might not carry large, outdoor poles.

Shopping Locally

If you are looking for smaller flag poles, these can often be found for purchase at local stores. Shopping at a local store is convenient, as it can save you a bunch of money on shipping expenses.

The most likely place you’ll find a flag is a hardware store or home improvement store. These already have lots of the supplies homeowners are looking for when renovation the exterior of their homes, as well as their yards.

Flag poles naturally fit into this category. Plus, people that are more likely to display a flag are those who take pride in their home, meaning they already shop at home improvement stores on a regular basis.

You might be able to find indoor flag poles at craft stores as well as decor and furniture stores. But while you might be able to find the flag and the pole themselves, you may need to search online if your specific installation idea requires a certain type of bracket.

Where to Buy Flag Pole Supplies Online

On top of that, their customer service team is likely able to provide assistance and recommendations, if you have unique needs when installing your flag pole. Contrast that with the clerk at the local hardware store who probably doesn’t know anything about flagpoles, and thus, can’t answer your questions about installation.

Lastly, purchasing online from a dedicated flag pole supplier means that you might get a warranty on the products that you purchase. This is particularly helpful for outdoor flags, where the pole will be subject to the elements every single day.

You could probably find cheaper flag poles on popular online retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart as well, however, you get what you pay for. Quality almost always suffers when purchasing from these sites, as many of the products come from questionable sellers.

Instructions are often non-existent or might be in another language. And there’s no support or guarantee. You are at the mercy of the third-party retailer if you have any issues with your flag pole.

Fly Your Flag Properly

Depending on what type of flag pole you end up purchasing, there may be a few other things to keep in mind for a proper flag display.

For one, it helps to install flag pole lights on outdoor flags. That way, your flag will be on display at all hours of the day. Plus, these can be hassle-free, as solar-powered lights can be installed on your flagpole without the need to run electrical wires to your pole.

You can also adorn the top of your flagpole with an elegant piece such as a golden eagle. And depending on the size of your pole, you may be able to add one or two extra flags. So if there’s a positive message you’d like to display, you can do so.

Or if you or your relatives are originally from another country, you can hang that flag up with pride as well. Of course, flying the flag of your favorite team, or of your alma mater, is never a bad idea either.

And if you’re new to flying the American flag, there are a few basic etiquette principles to follow, to ensure that the flag, and our heritage, are always respected and revered.

Choose Your Flag

Now that you know where to buy flag pole supplies, it’s time to figure out exactly what flags you’d like to display, and how you’d like to display them.

Indoors or outdoors? High above the home, or just off the side of a pillar or fence post? There are no wrong answers, it’s all just personal preference.

Once you know what you need, you can find the flag you want either in-store or online with ease.

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