What is the Easiest Country to Get Citizenship?

Many people would consider moving to another country for a variety of reasons. A foreign location may provide a lower standard of living, which can be beneficial for older persons with little retirement savings. Some nations may have particularly enticing climates, or people may have just grown to love a country they visited and promised themselves they would move there one day.

Easiest Country to Get Citizenship

In terms of a new nationality and a second passport, factors to be considered include whether your new passport allows passport travel, taxes and other possible responsibilities, and financial flexibility, such as the opportunity to open a bank account or start a business. There’s also the issue of whether a retired location welcomes ex-pats who want to become citizens. Citizenship is quite straightforward to obtain in the five countries listed below.

Dominican Republic:

In the Dominican Republic, retirees can get citizenship in a relatively short period of time. A retiree must demonstrate a steady retirement earning $1,500 per month from sources outside the Dominican Republic, plus $250 for each dependent. Non-retirees must have a minimum monthly salary of $2,000 plus $250 per dependent. A spouse or kids under the age of 18 are considered dependents.

An interview in Spanish (questions and answers can be read ahead of time) and a physical exam are also required as part of the citizenship procedure. The Dominican Republic allows for dual citizenship. Or you can get citizenship by investment in st kitts and nevis.


The Irish government may even be ready to eliminate a portion of the residency period required if you can provide adequate documentation of Irish heritage or other ties to Ireland. If you have a documented Irish ancestor, you may be entitled to become an Irish citizen by virtue of your heritage. 6 Ireland does allow dual citizenship. Keep in mind that getting citizenship does not immediately exempt you from the requirements of citizenship in another nation (for example, paying taxes in both homelands).


People who are ready to join the school, open a company in Peru, or prove that they make more than $1,000 per month in investing or pension income can obtain a Peruvian residence visa very easily. Those who achieve one of these requirements can obtain Peruvian nationality in around two years. Unless they marry a Peruvian, passport applicants must take a language and history test in Spanish.


Singapore provides a straightforward path to citizenship. Anyone who opens a business in Singapore finds work there, or marries a Singaporean can gain permanent residency. An individual can petition to become naturalized citizen after two years of stay. Opening a firm, on the other hand, can be an expensive venture: check carefully for the most recent financial criteria; it’s not as simple as depositing a particular amount in a Singapore bank.


Canada also provides a straightforward road to citizenship. Unless you have work in Canada, you will need to show proof of additional income in order to gain residency. According to Settlement.org, to achieve the residency requirement, you must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (two years) in each five-year term. 16 To immigrate as a skilled immigrant, an individual must provide proof of funds in the amount of $12,960 (CAD). After four years as a permanent resident, you can petition for naturalization as a Canadian citizen. There are active surveys available to help you decide whether moving to Canada is suitable for you.

The Canadian immigration agents are quite severe in enforcing the requirement that you physically live in the country before applying for citizenship. According to Settlement.org, you must have been physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1,095 days in the five years preceding the date of your application. You must also have filed your records for at least three years in the previous five years, and any earnings tax owed must have been paid.

Final Words:

Before applying for a resident visa, consider taking a vacation or remaining on a short-term visa. Before making a major move, it is critical to obtain a sense of a country and its ex-pat population.

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