What Is a Utility Connection Service and Why You Need It?

Moving out and finding a new apartment to rent is a challenging experience. Not only do you have to make sure you leave your previous house with all of your belongings in order, but you also have to worry about finding all of the new utilities you’ll need to live in your new place.

When you move to your new home, you’ll probably need to connect a few utilities, such as electricity, gas, internet, and even play television. A ‘utility connection service’ could be helpful in this situation.

What is a utility connection service?

A utility connection service is a one-stop shop for setting up all of your home services in one place. Rather than coordinating all of your utilities on your own, a utility connection service will ensure that your home is connected to all essential utilities, such as electricity and internet, on or before your scheduled move date. In addition, the service is usually free.

Reasons you should use a utility connection service

  1. Time-saving

A utility connection service provides you with a one-stop shop to compare electricity and gas services from different suppliers. You avoid having to call many service providers. It will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on phone calls, waiting on hold, and repeating the same information. The average wait time to speak to a customer service representative alone can range from 5 minutes to one hour. Spend this time that would otherwise be wasted on more important things, such as packing and preparing for your move.

  1. Independent expert advice

Utility connection companies partner with various vendors to provide customers with more options and flexibility when it comes to connecting utilities. It’s critical to have options, so you’re not forced to work with vendors who don’t fulfill your expectations. Individual providers may also have fewer possibilities and focus on the domestic market, resulting in irrelevant offers to your specific ex-pat needs. When you choose an ex-pat utility connection service, you can expect services tailored to your particular requirements. Consider contract flexibility and English customer service, for example.

  1. Stress-free relocation

The use of a utility connection service is handy and straightforward. They specialize in coordinating all of your household utilities at once, reducing your stress. They could arrange your utilities faster (and at the last minute) than you could if you handled it yourself, thanks to their unique partnerships with suppliers. You don’t have to worry about forgetting some services or linking your home on time because you may connect everything in one call.


While you can always use the comparison engine to compare electricity and gas suppliers, a utility connection service could be a convenient “one-stop-shop” that allows you to get everything you need to become settled in your home. They’re usually a free service, and they take away a lot of the hassle of looking for the most significant electricity, gas or internet deals. You’re linked in a matter of seconds after making a simple phone call.

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