What Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Treat in San Antonio

The spine is the body’s central support structure which means it can affect all the parts of the body, therefore simple back pain should not be ignored especially if there is a way to get rid of the pain. Going to a trusted chiropractor in San Antonio can be the best choice to get the treatment your back needs. Know more about chiropractor adjustment to understand the process better before you try one. 

Conditions that Chiropractor can treat


For this condition, the joints are the ones that are affected and become inflamed. The pain will cause you to have difficulty moving. Getting chiropractic treatment can help you relieve the pain and be back to your normal ways again. 

Frequent headaches

Headaches can be bothersome and the cause can be complicated sometimes especially if they are frequent. Nerve stimulation can relieve headaches and this can be done by chiropractors, who are skilled to give stimulation to the right part of the spine. 

Healing after an accident or whiplash

Accidents or simple wrong movements can cause damage to your spine and this can take years before you can finally recover. Having a regular appointment with our chiropractor can fasten the healing process of your spine. Since adjustments should be done little by little before they can finally attain the result they want. 

Joint pain and dysfunction

Joint pain can affect any part of the body since almost all areas of the body has joints. Having unbearable joint pain can hinder you from doing your routine and may delay a lot of work for you. Getting a Chiropractic treatments and adjustments can help you give a solution to this condition. 

Lower back pain

It is common for people to have lower back pain since they have to work all day in a sitting position. This sedentary routine can give a lot of pain in the body as being in one position for long hours can stiffen muscles and joints. The lower back is still covered by the spinal cord which means the manipulation can still be made by chiropractors to make adjustments in our spine and fix the issues. 

Neck pain

Neck pain can be associated with many factors which may include herniated discs, pinched nerves, tumors, and even physical and mental stress. Relieve yourself from neck pain by getting chiropractic treatment and see the difference it can make. 


Sciatic is mainly caused by herniated o slipped discs which cause pressure in the nerve root. It is characterized by inflammation, irritation, and compression of the nerve in your lower back. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body that’s why it affects a big part when it’s inflamed.  

Stiff muscles or muscle aches

Muscles that are stiff can cause so much pain making it hard for you to accomplish the things you need to do. Muscles need to be released to relieve the pain and a chiropractor can make the adjustments on your spine to put your muscles to their normal state and relieve the pain. 

What do chiropractors treat besides pain?

Improves posture

Chiropractors can assist in correcting pictures by digging into several sections. For instance, having chiropractic appointments for 30 days in 6 months can give improvement to a person’s posture. Correct posture is essential for having a healthier body. 

Helps athletic performance 

Athletes who want to attain better joint mobility and fewer tissue restrictions get the adjustments needed from chiropractors so they can give a better performance. They invest to maximize their talents by visiting a chiropractor regularly. 

Decrease in Scoliosis symptoms

Scoliosis is progressive when not treated earlier, the deformity is a basis of measurement of how severe the deformity is on the side-by-side of the spine. The cobb angle on patients with scoliosis can improve by getting chiropractic treatment. 

Chiropractic treatment not only relieves pain but also helps several conditions improve. Getting a chiropractor appointment can also help you know the issue in your spine, joints, and nerve so you can be addressed them early and avoid having to deal with worse issues in the future. Tolerate that pain no more by getting your chiropractic appointment and see the positive effect it can do to your overall condition. 

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