Wall arts are an immensely popular form of decoration. It ranges from canvas to framed artworks, and other types of decoration used on walls. Wall arts are a great and minimalist form of decoration. It tends to bring a sense of creativity, light, and social engagement into any space.

If you ever decide to take that step towards redecoration a certain part of your home, or perhaps the entire home, wall arts are a great way to express your taste, personality, and point. You have to ensure your wall arts of choice are a good fit for your home. Browse through a vast range of wall arts and order for your favorites at Elephantstock.

This expertly written piece is intended to shed knowledgeable advice and tips on how to decorate expertly with abstract wall art. Before making that jump, it is essential to understand the basics of wall arts and how they can be implemented beautifully in your home.


There are various forms or types of wall art, the setting, tone, and outlook of your home is a huge determinant of the appropriate print. From acrylic prints to traditional wall arts, this article will educate you on the various forms of wall art and how to properly implement their use.


If you want your home to showcase a contemporary touch, it is advisable to use modern wall arts for your decorating space. Be minimalist and simple with the design, it is advisable to implement this look with the use of bold colors.


Designs from the renaissance period had an immense amount of influence on how traditional wall arts should be perceived. Decorate with embellished mirrors, decals, and complex patterns.


Murals are incredibly captivating; a mural has the tendencies to occupy a room in its entirety. With murals it is a necessity there be a point of focus. Take into consideration the size and available wall space of any room before deciding to beautify it with a mural.


If you are a fan of a traditional outlook or a homely atmosphere, the use of wood is highly recommended. You can cover a certain section of your wall space with a decorated wood. Wood can be utilized in different ways to fit a traditional ambiance.


Abstract art can be attractively incorporated into existing prints and paintings to create an eye-catching outcome. It can be expressed in a multitude of ways, be it as an addition to an existing form of decoration, or as the principal tool of decoration. 

Incorporate the use of bold colors and forms associated with abstract paintings and prints to create a heavy and confident focal point with your artwork.


Your wall art should occupy about 75% of the available wall space. Measure the height and width of the wall; multiply the measurements by 0.6 and 0.75 respectively. The result will reveal the range of canvas print sizes set to suit the room.


If you intend to hang your wall art over a fireplace or a bed, or maybe even a couch, the measurements should be between 2/3 and 3/4.

It is somewhat popular for homeowners to discard the use of large wall arts. Out of fear that wall arts of bigger sizes will overwhelm, most amateur home designers choose to go with smaller prints. Try to maintain a balance by choosing a well-proportioned piece of large wall art; it gives the space an immediate transformation.

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