Video Game Testing Guide: 4 Tips for Becoming a Game Tester

The tester finds gaps in the mechanics, scenarios, dialogues, interface and other elements of the game. To do this, he goes through all its stages over and over again, checks all possible functionality and a combination of keys or options to make sure that they work correctly. When all the work is done, he sends a report indicating all the errors found in the reporting documentation. Focusing on this source, developers fix problems, bringing the product to the ideal. He should not only complete the game, but bypass its system.

The essence of the tester’s job is to make the game as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the gamer. So, a specialist should have a large amount of knowledge and skills, be patient, diligent, attentive to details, observant, and also well versed in software. To get quality services in testing games, you need to contact a company specializing in this issue or a private specialist for qa testing games.

Where does every tester start?

A beginner who is just planning to become a game tester will have to dive headlong into the games industry. It is important to understand that loving gaming products and working on finding their bugs are different processes, despite the fact that you need to play both here and there. This, by the way, is the first step towards acquiring this specialty. Let’s consider them all:

  1. Play a lot. This does not mean that you need to choose what you like. You will have to play a lot and in a variety of games, as well as on different types of devices. The future specialist will need the skills to play PlayStation, as well as desktop, network, mobile and online games. The chances of getting a good job increase if the applicant has versatile skills.
  2. Expanding horizons. Now it’s not just about playing a variety of games. Scenarios often use a variety of weapons, as well as different historical locations, events, and personalities. If a person understands such issues, he will definitely appeal to the employer.
  3. Communication on gaming forums. Where else is it possible to learn gaming vocabulary, gain experience and new knowledge, learn how the gaming industry works firsthand. It is also a great opportunity to study gaming trends.
  4. Study of game mechanics. It is important to learn to see the sequence of stages of the game in order to find hidden errors.

Turning to the specialists of the company you can find out even more useful information and get high-quality services in the gaming field.

Four Tips for Finding a Job as a Game Tester

Video game testing is a dream, not a job, for anyone who likes video games and plays them well. And although the professional path in this specialization can be very difficult, it will still bring a lot of joy to game lovers and, of course, a good income. Let’s see what you need to do to get your dream job:

  1. Start with the basics. It is not enough to be an ardent fan of the game and be able to play them. To get the position of a tester, you need to understand the essence of the profession. To do this, you need to understand your responsibilities, the terms of the profession, game genres and directions, the devices on which they can be used, tools, services and applications that can help in the work.
  2. Bring your skills to perfection. Yes, it’s all about the game. But you need not just to play, but to keep up with the deadlines, follow the progress of the game, notice the slightest inaccuracies and imperfections, bypass the developers’ traps, break the game in order to find bugs in it.
  3. Create a high-quality, presentable resume. This is not the case when self-praise is not good. On the contrary, you need to show all your big and small merits, abilities, knowledge, skills, if any, then experience.
  4. Find a good position. You can create a personal website for self-promotion. It will provide information about you, show examples of work, list all the advantages and abilities. This increases the chances of finding a good job in a prestigious organization.

If you complete all these tasks and bring them to perfection, you can safely apply for the position of a tester. 

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