Top Winners at Online Casinos in History

Seven figures! Making millions of dollars is quite enticing, much more when you can spin it with only a few dollars. From time immemorial, the goal of every gambler has been to make money. Most make it in trickles, and a few make it big.

Statistically, you can make a fortune at any online casino as long as they are licensed and regulated. There are numerous that provide gamblers the opportunity to make payouts in millions without breaking the bank.

A few individuals have proven fortunate and make up a list of top winners in the history of online gambling. These men and women are part of an exclusive list of gamblers who have banked over a million dollars.

Mr Rawiri Pou

When 27-year-old Rawiri Pou woke up on June 17th 2016, he had no idea he would end the day as a millionaire. At a press conference in Auckland, he said: “I still can’t believe this is real, I’ve been in shock since I won, and it is literally going to change my life….”

Mr Pou wagered $250 at an online casino and had won $1,500. He decided to wager his total sum at a jackpot slot, and his very first spin won him a whooping NZ$10,144,395.82. Sitting pretty at over $7 million, this is one of the highest payouts at a win

Jon Heywood

A British soldier returns from a tour in Afghanistan and decides to pick up jobs to make a living and get busy. The 25-year-old decides to spin the popular mega moolah slot. While there is no record of how much he had spent on the slot or other games, what we do know is mother luck decided to smile on him sometime in October 2015.

He took a shot at the progressive jackpot slot with 25 pence per payline, and the spin ended with him twenty million dollars richer. A win of $20,062,600 ensured Mr Heywood became the luckiest winner in the history of online casinos.

Neil from Scotland

The lucky man from Aberdeen was working on his laptop in his kitchen when he decided to give gambling a try. He funded his lucky win casino account and began to enjoy casino games. Within the first hour of betting, he struck gold.

A £4 bet at the Hall of Gods slot, and he spun a jackpot win of £6,373,373.23. Frozen, he could not believe his sheer luck. With his wife and two kids only in the living room, he was livid with excitement. The Liverpool fan wants to donate to the Macmillan Cancer Support, which he is a part of and other charities.

Donnalyn K

A woman who just would not give up! Donnalyn K was from Hawaii, and one distinct feature that separates her from this list is it took a while to land here. Most jackpot winners are simply lucky and are relative newbies, but that’s not the story of this mother of three.

She had consistently placed her bets for 3years before her big break. With a bet of 50 cents on stampede forty, a progressive jackpot, she won $1.88million. A few months after, another woman named Cindy also won over a million dollars from the same online casino

One Finnish man

November 2012 was the month to remember for the Arabian night, a slot developed by NetEnt, the popular software provider. A Finnish player spun the highest win in the history of the slot to date.

The slot machine has 5 reels and 10 paylines, and it gave the player from Finland a jackpot win of €8,635,872, placing him in the revered list of top winners at an online casino. The progressive jackpot slot has since produced more millionaires, with some individuals winning up to two million dollars, but the win of 2012 remains the highest.


Numerous people have had their lives turned around at a win casino, and being on the list of top winners is what every player fantasizes about. However, only a few eventually find their way there.

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