Top things to do in Orlando, Florida

If visiting Orlando made it to your Wishlist, then this is for you. Below, you’ll find tips that will make your travel experience valuable and revitalizing. We don’t want the excitement and energy that comes from sight-seeing to be outdone by travel hiccups, logistics, and the confusion of where to visit. Basically, don’t be caught unprepared! The most important housekeeping rule is to rent a car, visit and enjoy your road trip to the following places.

  • The Theme Parks

There are quite a number of theme parks to choose from. Some of the very popular ones in no particular order are Universal Studio, Walt Disney Universal, Legoland, etc just to mention a few.  To visit any of the theme parks, you are advised to book early and arrive in time before the queue looks unending.

  • The Kennedy Space Centre

An experience at the Centre is just like playing dress-up but this time as an astronaut. If the world of science and technology excites you, then this is your chance to have a near-space experience, use high-tech inventions like holograms and augmented reality. You cannot leave the centre without seeing a Shuttle Launch and Space Shuttle Atlantic exhibit.

  • Gatorland

This site doubles as a theme park and wildlife reserve. You can get a feel of how the cavemen of old coexisted with the gators by wrestling with them or feeding the baby gators. There is the zip line that gives the aerial view of the Nile crocodiles, should you not be terrified of heights. With all that adrenaline pump, comes the opportunity to learn to be a tutor for the day.

  • Orlando Museum of Art

Museums are always a go-to when visiting a new place. It leaves you with a feeling of connecting to the people’s roots. While in Orlando, take out time to visit the museum and feed your eyes with different genres of art. To make the experience complete, you can make a stop at Charles Hosner Morse Museum of American Arts to see aesthetic collections of ceramics, Jewelleries, and Tiffany glasses.

  • Discovery Cove

I bet you didn’t know that if you book an all-inclusive day at the Discovery Cove, you are entitled to visit Aquatica, real money slots and sea world, 14 consecutive days and all for free. How cool is that? at Discovery Cove, you get to feed exotic birds, snorkel with rays, and swim with dolphins.

  • Kissimmee

Any nature lover will be in their element strutting from one activity to the other in Kissimmee which is just south of the city and lies on the shore of Lake Toho. The Park has manicured playground, work path and fishing pier. Airboat rides and mountain bike rides and keep visitors occupied for hours and hours.

  • Road trip

There is so much of nature to soak in on a road trip. While in Orlando, consider moving in the direction of Miami or Fort Lauderdale then check out Everglades or Key West. This way, you interact with the city the way she expresses herself to you.

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