Top Data Recovery Software for Windows in 2022

Computers have become an integral component of our work and personal lives. They store a large amount of information and documents, which are extremely important.

One of the things that people are most concerned about is the loss of their data. On our computer or hard drive, we all preserve travel images, video memories, and critical files. In many circumstances, losing all of that might be a significant nuisance. However, there is generally a solution to practically any problem. This is accomplished through the use of data recovery software. In this article, we’ll look at the Top Data Protector for Windows 2022.

Best data recovery software for Windows – iTop Data Recovery

You can access the iTop Data Recovery download website where you will see the features in detail, and the direct download of the software to use it completely free of charge. iTop Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery solutions for PC that you can use, the most important of all is that you can preview what you’ll recovered completely free of charge.

Hard disks, SSDs, and USB devices, as well as other media such as memory cards, are all compatible with this software. It works with Windows and their associated file systems, and we may specify the data we wish to recover from all those that are “recoverable.”

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use, an important aspect for basic users, in addition, we will have to perform a total of three steps to get data recovery:

Step 1. Select the drive where the data we want to recover is located.

Step 2. Scan the drive completely to show us the recoverable files and for you to free preview.

Step 3. Select the files and click on “recover”.

iTop Data Recovery has very interesting features such as the ability to recover data from a crashed system, creating a boot disk and accessing media, it is also capable of recovering data from lost or damaged partitions, and it is even capable of recovering data from damaged systems. RAID. Finally, it is also capable of repairing corrupted photos and videos, and even recovering data from virtual disks with VMDK, VDI, VHD and VHDX formats.

iTop Data Recovery software is one of the best options to recover your data from different media.The main characteristics of this program are that we will be able to recover files that have been totally deleted, it also allows us to recover data from partitions that we have formatted, or if we have formed the entire disk, in addition, it is also possible to recover data even if the operating system has failed and not boot, as well as if we have had a malware attack and it has deleted our files. Lastly, it is even capable of recovering files from RAW partitions.

Just have a try at this brilliant data recovery software. Remember to free preview before you recover them; enjoy a free and convenient recovery right now!

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