Top 8 Tips Of Bathroom Extarctor Fans

The bathroom is the wettest room of a house. All the waterworks including steam showers, sinks, flushing toilets increase humidity. And also increasing moisture comes with many problems. Having a proper ventilation system can keep humidity and other issues in check. We are here to help those who are having troubles with their bathroom ventilation as we are going to discuss the key points for what to do and what not to do about your ventilation process. Also, check out the techeconomyupdate to know more about extractor fans.

  • Put It On The Right Spot

Make sure to choose the right fan for your bathroom and also you need to know where exactly to put it. The right place should be just near the shower or bathtub. Do not put the fan next to the air condition, because the forced air can disrupt the process. The exhaust fan you are using should vent the air outside properly, otherwise, your other rooms might cause you the same problems.  

  • Use Right Extractor Fan 

A window is required for a proper ventilation system to work properly. And if you don’t have one, make room for one, consult it with your house owner if necessary. Extractor fans suck off the most airs and bad odors and vent it outside. There are several types of extractor fans available in the market with many useful features like fans with motion sensors, combined light/heat/ fan features, wall mounting fans, etc. choose the suitable one according to your bathroom condition. 

  • Measure The Bathroom

Building regulations support the ventilation system. It suggests performing full air exchange. Your fan should be able to perform a minimum of 8 hours straight per day. Supposedly, if your size of the bathroom is 80 square feet, you will be needing 80 CFM (Cubic-feet-per-minute) capacity. You can add 100 CFM more if you are feeling to spend some more money just to be sure.   

  • Keep The Fan On 

Let your bathroom extractor fan run even if when you are having a shower and leave it working at least for 20 minutes after you are done. This is important. Switching off your fan after showering does not give the extractor fan enough time to fully suck out the air. Consider using an automatic humidity sensor extractor fan if your mornings are hectic enough; these devices can detect ups and downs of humidity level and switches itself off automatically as when needed.

  • Clean Your Fan

Do not forget to clean your venting fan regularly. Even the best extractor fans available in the market can not provide good performance if it’s thick with grime and dust. Give your venting fan a proper cleaning at least twice a year. You need to follow some simple steps given below to clean off your venting fan properly:

  • You do not want to have an electrical shock during cleaning your venting fan. So do not forget to turn off the electrical circuit of your bathroom.
  • Slowly remove the cover of the fan which is attached in most cases with wire pins on the sides.
  • Use a crevice tool or a brush to clean off the dust on your venting fan.
  • Slowly put the cover of the fan back again.
  • Turn on the electricity and check if it’s working properly. 
  • Don’t Leave Your Shower Doors And Curtains Closed

Leave your shower door open after you are done showering. It will let the venting fan circulate the moistened air of the entire space, which will ultimately result to dry up your bathroom quickly. Also, avoid closing the curtain all the way if you have one. It too helps dry up your bathroom in the same process described above.

  • Keep The Window Open

Considering your bathroom does not possess an extractor fan, do keep open doors and curtains as well as windows to let out the steamy air go away. Keep the window open while showering and leave it for at least an hour or two. It is considered when you do not have an extractor fan, do it with keeping your privacy issues in mind.

  • Do Not Avoid Puddles 

Never ever avoid dips, drops, and puddles. A wet bathroom is not only a dangerous issue, but a surface that is puddle-free helps to dry off the entire bathroom space when the venting fan is turned on. It also prevents the growth of mold and mildew spores. You can use an absorbent bathmat to wipe out the pools of water.  

There are so many things to consider when it comes to having a dry surface, a cleaned bathroom, and also details of extractor fans. But it can be done even if you are short on budget. These simple tips can help you with the details of extractor fans. There are some low-budget extractor fans available on the market, and also here for more info techeconomyupdate. Have a good day. 


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